Sales Funnel Copywriting

How to Use Copywrting to Move Prospects Through the Sales Funnel

by Monica Di Santi

September 16, 2021

Sales Funnel Copywriting is the best tool to create messages to attract prospects to your sales funnel and move them through each stage until they reach the bottom( stage where they buy your products or services).

At each stage prospects need different kind of content and so copywriting techniques help you create more engaging and entertaining materials to delight your prospects.

What is a Sales Funnel?

The sales funnel is the procedure through which companies organize their process of acquiring leads, nurturing them, and finally turning them into customers.

Traditionally, the sales funnel procedure comprises the marketing and sales activities together. Marketers hunt for leads with display and native ads, and nurture them with information, case studies, testimonials and facts. Finally, the sales department offers warm prospects free trials and demos to help them make up their mind and buy their products or services.

Today, leads can enter the funnel at any stage because relationships between companies and audiences are more open and on equal terms due to social media and internet.

Prospects inform themselves through product reviews and content so they create their own experience. This way prospects
decide to buy products based on their own online experience.

Positive reviews trigger more interaction between a company and its prospects but also help customers make up their mind and buy a product. Powerful reviews also provide trust and authority to the company.

Different stages of the funnel mean prospects are in particular psychological states in relation to the final decision of buying your product.

Each piece of sales funnel copy should persuade prospects to move ahead to the next stage of the sales funnel. That’s why all the messages should be written using copywriting techniques.

Also, staying in touch with customers at any sales funnel stage and even after their first purchase is much easier due to social media and email contact today.

Alt:A colorful sales-funnels from top to bottom

How does a Sales Funnel Work?

A sales funnel helps you have insights into your potential prospects’ thoughts and behavior at each stage of the purchasing journey.

A thought-out sales funnel will determine the actions your business needs to take to move prospects from one stage to the next one. You'll have a clear picture of where to invest time, effort and money to turn more leads into customers.

Choosing the right channels and copywriting messages to boost conversion is essential.Proper sales funnels will turn one time website visitors into appreciated new email subscribers, and these email subscribers will turn into valuable customers with time.

The sales funnel starts at the top, the widest part, and narrows down as only qualified prospects move on. Only 35% of those at the top of the sales funnel will be interested in your solution, and have the disposition to learn more. But when they reach the bottom of the funnel only 5% will buy from you.

What is Sales Funnel Copywriting?

Copywriting is salemanship in print.--Joseph E Kennedy

Copywriting is the combination of right words that engages your ideal prospect at the right time.

That's powerful,isn't it?.

Well-known, proven copywriting formulas will help you address your target audience with easiness every time you need to.

Sales Funnel Copywriting Techniques

Sales funnel Copywriting techniques are methods of writing to entice, nurture and persuade readers to do certain actions.

  • turn prospects into heroes Tell your prospect a story in which they are the hero. Your mission in life is to empathize with their situation and show them how their lives can be transformed if they use the solution you offer.

  • use fear of missing Most people react similarly to external stimulus. When you tell your prospects they have to act now to get that precious product or they will lose the chance of getting it for ever, you'll trigger that fear of not getting something they consider valuable and trigger their actions.

  • make your audience feel exclusive When you offer a product or service only a few can have access to, people feel an intense desire to get it. They love the idea of being part or an exclusive group of people who are special.

  • help customers achieve their dreams People look for products or services that help them solve their problems,satisfy consumers' need or help them turn their dreams into reality.

  • sell the benefits of your product Explain all the benefits your product or service has to offer and why your solution is the best for your customer. Make a clear difference between features and benefits.

A feature is a particular characteristic of a product such as a piece of furniture made of wood, or made of plastic. A benefit could be the wooden piece of furniture will last longer, look elegant and classy and will create a cozy environment. You will impress your friends. On the other hand the plastic furniture will help you enjoy your outdoor activities in your own backyard,bask in the sunshine and take a dip in the swimming pool. It's perfect for children as well as grown-ups.

  • use copywriting formulas Over the years many proven copywriting formulas have been used successfully. So, why not use them in your business communication?

Copywriting and the Sales Funnel Stages

In the sixties, copywriter Eugene Schwartz analyzed and labeled the five stages of customers’ awareness in his book, "Breakthrough Advertising." These are:


People have a problem but they are not even aware of it. They are in denial of their problem or pain. This segment needs to be shaken up. Only a message that touches their current state of mind or belief can make them conscious that an important problem is holding them back.

Companies have to make a great effort to reach them out and take them out of their psychological denial state, changing their attitude and realizing they have a problem and are not aware of it.

Stories about others who have suffered from the same problem and how your product easily solved their problem can be an eye opener.

You can also talk to them about the problem in general and how a great percentage of people are affected by such pain and how they could solve their problem with your product. Suddenly they can see themselves as belonging to that group of people. This takes them to the problem aware stage.

This ad starts talking about a topic the target audience is already aware of: Customer acquisition cost. Once you get their attention you introduce a striking fact that will connect them with the topic you want them to become aware of: SEO techniques can diminish customer acquistion cost by 87.41 % in comparison to digital ads.

Nobody can be indifferent to such a striking number. Then a call to action invites readers to learn more about this topic. This way you have made prospects interested in this new topic.

ALT: copy to target problem-unaware prospects

Problem Aware

This group knows they have a problem, but don’t know how to solve it. Confusion prevails. Guidance and reassurance helps them understand that there’s a solution for them. Nurture them with email marketing, free tip sheet and more.

This ad starts targeting the problem."Buried in debt? Get help." This second statement is telling readers they need professional help because it'll be quite difficult to do it by themselves.

The next statement tells reader how this method works and what to expect. "Handle your debt and find out the best way to pay it as soon as possible." This is what any person in debt wants to hear. To get rid of this burden quickly and effectively.

Finally, a call to action tells him what he'll get and it's free so there's no risk to spend more money. This is a great stage to come across your prospect because they really need help and you can offer an excellent solution.

Alt: An anguished girl buries her face in her hands

Solution Aware

On this stage prospects know they have a problem that can be solved but don’t know your product yet. Approach them with white papers, study cases and testimonials to complement the reviews and content they access to to make an informed decision.

This ad addresses the problem at the beginning because they are targeting people who are stuck in their learning French language.

That's your audience. Then the ad offers a specific method to solve the problem. Learn French with a new audible method loved by hundreds. This statement not only explains what the system is like but also includes some kind of social proof. The program is already a success.

The call to action invites them to learn more because readers want more details before buying.But they will be happy to exchange an email address for more information. Here you get them on board to your mailing list.

Alt:Eiffel tower with copy to sell French course for solution-aware prospects

Product Aware

Qualified prospects are aware that some products in the market can solve their problem but still not sure which one is best for them. They are not convinced or doesn’t know all the benefits your product offers. Evaluation of similar products prevails. Provide them with free trials, demos and even free consultation.

Alt:Helicopter overflying London and copy offering a new type of London tour to product-aware prospects

Most Aware

These warm prospects notice your product and they are ready to solve their problem. An attractive offer, a coupon or something similar is all they need to buy your product. Hands typing on copy for most-aware-prospects and message to sell a copywriting course

Sales Funnel Practical Steps

  • Social media activity: Post engaging messages, do contests, talk to potential prospects, grow your followers.

  • Due to external promotion some prospects visit your website and they download a freebie in exchange for their email. They show interest in the information you provide.

  • Prospects read reviews and comments, and collect information about several products that can solve their problem. At this point they haven’t compromise yet.

  • You nurture them through constant contact. Relevant information and special offers are the key. This way prospects learn how your product works, what benefits your product offers. Their desire to get your product increases.

  • Prospects trust you and makes up their mind to buy from you.

Measure Your Sales Funnel Performance

Alt:measuring-tape as symbol of measuring sale success

Now that you have created a sales funnel you would like to learn how successful it is.

You can measure:

  • the number of leads during a specific period of time.
  • how much each new customer costs you
  • constant value a customer brings to your company.
  • The quantity of sales
  • the sales conversion rate
  • conversion rate per channel
  • the average order value

To measure sales conversion rate, you have to divide the quantity of purchases by the number of leads you get at the top of the sales funnel, and multiply by 100. Then you get the percentage of conversions you got.


With the creation of a sales funnel and the application of copywriting techniques you have all the tools you need the help your audience travel through your sales funnel.

Start helping those at the top with the right message and guide them through the different stages. Great copy should persuade them to convert to the next stage till they reach the bottom and buy from you.

You can also measure the sales funnel performance and tweak your copy every time is necessary to get more satisfied and happy customers.

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