Super copywriting formula to atract qualified prospects

Super Copywriting Formula

by Monica Di Santi

August 30, 2021

Have you ever followed a cooking recipe to make a fancy cake?

I’m sure you have.

Recipes are useful formulas that instruct you how to make your own cake, and if follow properly they guarantee you an excellent result.

This kind of formula has three main steps:

  • make the batter
  • spread the icing
  • add toppers for extra impact

The combination of 3 particular copywriting formulas I generally use will do the same for you.

Step by step you’ll create a profitable sales pitch that will trigger engagement, clicks and conversion.

The selling pitch preparation will have three steps too:

  • structure
  • strengthening
  • extra impact

What is a Copywriting Formula?

Copywriting formulas are proven arrangement of ideas that have already been highly successful and can be used as a starting point in your business communication.

Although they are called copywriting formulas, recipe would be a more appropriate word.


Because even if you use the same framework, such AIDA more than once, the final result will be a bit different. You can also use these frameworks to write about different topics such as loosing weight or financial opportunities. The difference in the final piece of writing makes the so-called formulas recipes.

No matter what name is better, they are excellent tools for beginners.

Why are Copywriting Formulas Important?

  • Copywriting formulas are tested underlying frameworks with profitable track record.

  • Copywriting formulas help you create curiosity, address prospects needs and trigger action.

  • Formulas guarantee your success in business.

  • Tested techniques save you time, effort and money.

Well-Known Copywriting Formulas to Structure your Sales Pitch

  • Before – After – Bridge

  • Problem – Agitate – Solve

  • Attention – Interest – Desire – Action

These are simple and successful copywriting structural frameworks that instruct you the order in which you should present you information to create a successful copywriting piece.

Before – After – Bridge ( batter)

This technique helps you show your prospects that their problem (before) can be easily solved (after) if they grab your solution (bridge) and applies it to their problem, improving their situation to a great extent.

The bridge is the action prospects take from their starting painful point to a pleasant end, transforming their life on the way and leaving their problem behind.

Alt text:before-after-ad-formula

Problem – Agitate – Solve (batter)

  1. Identify a problem and put it upfront for discussion. Explain the difficulty and why it matters.Start with the context and take prospects from there to a vivid description of the issue that keeps them awake at night. List the negative points and how it is holding them back. As you find common ground, you have established a relationship of trust with your prospect. You both agree about this problem. Strengthen this connection speaking in the prospects’ language.

  2. Now add all the consequences of not acting soon, such as losing money, clients and competitive advantage. Make them feel flustered, speaking about the miss-management of troublesome issues and the persistence of frustration.

  3. Tell them how the result your product offers will solve their problem and transform their life.Your prospects are ready to accept your particular way of dealing with that drawback. .

    Attention – Interest – Desire – Action (batter)

In 1898, the AIDA formula was created by Elias St. Elmo Lewis, a successful American businessman.

  1. Attention To call attention you have to break monotony. The brain reacts to movement, strong colors o provocative message.A compelling headline is the first contact with your prospect. Make a great promise or point out the pain prospects feel. Those who relate to that headline will stop and be interested in hearing what you have to say.

  2. Interest: Prospects read your offer and feel enthusiastic. Curiosity grows and they feel the urge to learn more. Details about how the product works or what kind of solution offers will maintain their interest for a while.

  3. Desire: Learning about the functionality and benefits of product, together with an increasing internal impulse to get a solution, prospects crave the possession of the product. They look forward to enjoying everything the product has to offer.

  4. Action: After evaluating the problem they have, the results other customers have had with the product and delighted with the opportunity in front of them, prospects reach to the conclusion that your product is the best solution. They take action.

    A sense of urgency and scarcity plus some bonuses for those who act quickly will trigger the need to act on the spot and buy your product.

Alt text:aida-formula

How to Strengthen your Chosen Copywriting Formula ( The Icing)

After choosing one of the three structural formulas described above and writing your first draft of copy, you have accomplished your first stage.

Now use the 4 U formula to strengthen your sales letter.

The 4 U Formula, designed by Michael Masterson, a direct response copywriter, is a great tool to sharpen your message while turning your text unique, useful, ultra-specific, urgent.


The information you offer prospects has to be useful in relation to a problem they are suffering from. Its practical purposes have to engage them and trigger their desire to go on reading in search of more information.

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To be really successful in copywriting your offer has to be unique. Something the reader has never come across before. It has to be different from similar products’ offer, standing out of the crowd.

In 1979, when Domino’s pizza offered pizza delivered to you home in 30 minutes or pizza is free, was great success because they have a revolutionary proposal.


When you offer a solution to a certain problem the solution has to be specific, clearly defined, giving details and benefit s of that particular offer.

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Your offer has to carry a sense of urgency, triggering their fear of loss. Hesitant prospects can buy a product impulsively sparked by this negative emotion.

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This formula works wonder to create killer headlines. You won’t be able to include the four features every time but at least consider always including three of them.

Besides, prospects are not looking for art or riddles to entertain themselves. They are in search of a product or service that may make their lives easier. So, the combination of usefulness and uniqueness, will certainly boost the impact of your headline.

The headline also has to be ultra-specific, targeting a very specific audience that can easily relate to that topic without further consideration.

The 4 Us. Formula strengthen the body of your business message too.

How to Add Extra Impact to your Copywriting Piece ( toppers)

On a third stage, add the 4 C's to your writing. Check if your writing is:

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Compelling
  • Credible


Comprehensible accurate messages free of ambiguity will create a stream of understanding and interest in prospects without room for any doubt.

Ideas logically arranged in your sales letter will benefit writer and reader. Precise words that create a concrete image in the readers’ mind will enhance impact. Using short well-constructed sentences and short words also help create clearness.


A message delivered in a few words has greater impact so, if you want to influence your readers strongly write concisely when addressing them.

Vigorous writing is made up of short sentences, active voice, absence of fillers, each one contributing with individual ideas to the main topic of the paragraph.


A powerfully enticing choice of words, create immediate engagement and desire to go on reading. Compelling copy targets readers’ problem, anguish, fears, desires and dreams and focuses in the delivery of a great solution.


When you promote your product, your promises about how your product will change prospects’ life have to be reasonable. Don't exaggerate the benefits of your product and never use tall tales to engage prospects. Avoid creating doubts in prospects minds.

These questions always pop up in prospect’s mind when reading your copy.

  • who are you?
  • Why should I believe you?
  • what's in it for me?

Answer those objections in your selling pitch and position yourself as somebody who can be trusted. After all you’re honest enough to address negative features too. To boost even more your credibility, speak about your credentials, experience in the field, testimonials of happy customers and years of business activity.

The regular publication of valuable content helps you build up your credibility. Providing free valuable information readers can consume, give them the opportunity to know you and your company before making up their mind to buy or not.


Get the list of your most important keywords and phrases related to your product and sprinkle them all on your text. This way prospects will come across your page when using search engines.


As you see, this super copywriting formula is convenient to create successful selling pitches easily. Each formula has its own strength and a combination of them reinforces different layers of your composition and result in a fresh, seo-friendly, action-triggering copy that will bring you revenue.

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