How to Tell if Your Copy is Any Good

Article + downloadable checklist to keep as a quick reference

by Monica Di Santi

September 3, 2020

You feel confident enough to write your own copy.


  Grab your Checklist  

After all, you know your product or service, your ideal customer,

and has tons of experience running your business.

Good for you!

You have collected all the necessary information to write successful copy.

You have:

  • got a set of keywords to use in your copy that will help you rank high in Google's search.

  • crafted a compelling headline

  • explained your prospect what problem your product solves

  • created a unique selling proposition

  • listed all the benefits they'll get if they act quickly

  • included social proof

  • added a clear Call to Action

Now grab this free checklist and check every point you have written.

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