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How to Write Copy that Sells Even is You are a Beginner who Hates Writing

Compelling sales copy is more important for your business than you may think .

Images attract but only words sell.

If you write your own copy, grab this cheat sheet and save it for a quick reference.

Alt 28 copywriting ingredients

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Discover the Most Profitable Types of Copywriting

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The Role of Copywriting in Brand Building that Entrepreneurs should not Ignore

alt: brand-is-in-the-mind "brand-is-in-the-mind") What is Branding in Business?

Branding is the experience and heart-to-heart connection your product creates when clients consume it.

A product is an object with a container, the product itself, a label and a logo. On the other hand, branding is a perception, the built-on worth your product...

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Direct Response Advertising for Entrepreneurs

alt: brand-is-in-the-mind

Direct response advertising and brand advertising are two types of ads widely used. Although both of them are part of marketing communication, and their common purpose is to entice prospects and eventually makes a sales, these two kinds of advertising are quite different.

What’s Brand Advertising?

The purpose of brand advertising is to create brand awareness, positive perception and loyalty, creating deep and long-term relationship with prospects.

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The Copywriting Brief

The Best Path to Work with a Copywriter and Clarify your Message Effectively

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What is a Copywriting Brief?

The copywriting brief is an important written record where all the background and context information about a copywriting project should be written in details, together with the requirements, expected results and deadlines. This way the...

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