Skyrocket your Social Media Presence and Reap the Rewards

Social media platforms offer brands an economic and powerful platform to build visibility, interaction, credibility and trust, triggering growth.

by Monica Di Santi

December 6, 2023

Today over 4 billion people use social media, according to Statista.

You and your small business have to be there, too.

You can’t miss it!

The main purpose of businesses' social media presence is:

  • to engage prospects and customers
  • answer questions and comments
  • develop long-lasting relationships
  • boost brand awareness
  • promote content.

And, of course, reap your rewards!

You are on social media to show that you exist, you interact and you are responsive to your audience. Speak about topics and desires your audience is passionate about.

Once you have faithful followers, increase your conversation with them and trigger more interaction answering comments.

With so many social media platforms to choose, you may feel a bit lost.

Take it easy!

Each social media is a bit different but you can choose only those your customers hang out.

Start being present on one or two social media platform.

Marketers in general love Facebook because it has 2.9 million monthly active users. And YouTube has 2.5 million monthly active users to display all your creativity on video marketing.

Instagram is also a great platform. 83% of Instagram users discover new brands on the platform. Forbes.

Hurry up! Choose the platform where your prospects and customers hang out.

According to Meta, people use Instagram to learn what is trending and to do product research before buying.

So, now that you see how important your social media showing up is, lets talk about creating an effective social media presence to skyrocket your rewards.


If your small business or solo entrepreneur who has just started follow these steps.

Pick a niche


What is a niche?

A niche is a portion of a bigger market that let companies create products and services to that particular group, and giving you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition and reap your rewards quickly.

If you start from scratch choose a niche that is connected with your natural abilities, skills and what type of problem you solve.

Research your niche to find out what's missing. Is there a gap where you can introduced your solution and be successful? Read people's complaints and pain points and create a solution to solve those unattended problems.

You can also research your competition to see what’s working and what’s missing in their services.

Now, narrow your niche down to a small and specific subgroup, because that way it’s easier for you to grab their attention.

If you sell beauty products…

Do it This Way

  • Beauty products for allergic people
  • Beauty products for people with pollen allergies
  • Beauty products for people allergic to grass pollen
  • Anti- age beauty products for people allergic to grass pollen

This way you can reach a very specific market segment that nobody has developed solutions to them.

On the other hand, If you offer a service such as personal training services.

Do it That Way

  • Busy city professional ladies
  • Busy city professional ladies on upper Manhattan
  • Busy city professional ladies on upper Manhattan that have just given birth or are pregnant
  • Busy city professional ladies on upper- Manhattan that have just given birth or are pregnant and want to train near their offices

Define your Audience

Picking a niche, includes the people who needs that product or service you offer. It's time to learn as much as you can about your target audience and gather lots of details to understand them.

Now, you can focus on one or two services that may be accepted with open arms. Your marketing efforts will only target that group that will probably buy from you.


Your next step is to create an irresistible offer..


Create an Offer

An irresistible offer is a powerful and high-impact sales deal that skyrocket the desire to get that product immediately.

This sales proposal creates excitement hard to overcome.

A successful offer is outstanding. It may be bundled with other products and offers high value in return for the money invested.

A risk-free guarantee turns the offer into a must-have product.

Urgency and scarcity are intensifiers that help trigger action out of FOMO ( fear of missing out) feelings, making easier to close the sale.

Create a Unique Selling Proposition

Your Unique selling proposition should target your potential customers problem, providing a solution with an interesting differentiator.

Your unique value proposition is the reason why customers prefer to buy from you and not the competition. This concept is the basis of your business’s success.

With no differentiator from the competition, Price will be the basis of comparison. As a consequence, your sales will be slow and your profit diminish.

Your unique selling proposition helps prospects understand what sets you apart and provides an exclusive advantage they’ll get when they purchase your products, services or solution.

Create the Foundation of your Marketing Message

Now its the time to create your marketing core message and use it consistently in every message

Create a core marketing message that describes your brand, including a differentiating selling point to persuade people you’re their best option. Here include the emotions and ideas your audience associate with your brand to connect with them and create consistency.

This basic message is the main ingredient of your effective marketing messaging, with the only purpose of positioning your business and creating awareness

This group of ideas includes concept priorities that must be used in every message, guiding and shaping content in the field of communication.

Create Accounts on Different Social Media Platforms

Concentrate on one or two social media platforms at the beginning where your potential customers hang out. Analyze best practices on each platform and put them into practice.

You need to be visible on social media, interact with your followers, like their posts and comment. Also answer questions and comments people make about your post.

Depending on the type of product or service you promote it’s a good idea to solve problems in public to showcase your expertise.

When you create your profile, don't talk about yourself as if it were a curriculum vitae. Display information about you and your business in a customer-centered message, because people are not interested about you.

Social Media Profile Creation

Before writing your profile, ask yourself these questions. They'll guide you to create an attractive and interesting profile.

  • What problem do you solve?
  • who's your target audience?
  • What benefit do you offer?
  • Why should they choose you?
  • What's your differentiator?

After answering these questions you can create your basic profile message. You can adapt this short form to a longer version, adding more details, but always bearing in mind this is the best structure to guarantee your success.

So, you can structure your message this way:

  • Introduce yourself explaining what you do to help your target group.( Helping you double your sales in 6 months)
  • Add your achievement as a social proof ( 1million in sales this year)
  • Finish with a Call To Action and urgency (Send me a DM to grab my free guide: SOLD OUT)

Display a high quality picture of you, framed with some kind of background. Here you can add your brand in the form of a logo or in the background.

Smile. Create an instant positive message, showing happiness,openness, and good social relationships.

Social Media Content Creation

No doubt content is the central ingredient in a social media strategy.

But... what should you post on social media?

Engaging and fresh content is the key.

Content creation is the task of creating written, visual, audio or video material to educate, inspire, entertain your audience and at the same time promote your products or services.

Before creating content get into consideration the following points

  • Goal of your content: What do you want to achieve with your content?
  • Target audience: Who are you talking to?
  • Benefit they get from your post: Why should your audience care about it?

Social Media Content Organization

If you don't know where to start with your content, begin with a general topic and consider the journalistic questions used to create news. The 5-w questions are: what, who?, where?, when?, why? and the extra question How?

If you ask these questions around your main topic you'll have a lot of ideas to communicate to your audience and create an important social media presence.

You can also start with your main topic and look for subtopics that your audience is interested in.


Let's suppose you sell jeans, so your pillar topic is jeans.

Now you consider supporting subtopics that are important to your audience and to you. For example you decide to work on:

  • New trend for jeans
  • jeggings
  • boyfriend jeans
  • smart casual jeans

Now that you have decided to use this subtopics to create content, you may consider 4 different types of social media content that work quite well.

Those categories are:

  • Entertaining : Use memes or jokes to make your audience smile.
  • Inspiring : Recycle your old jeans, donate to charities and more.
  • Educating : Speak about which type of jean is more comfortable and why. You can explain the difference between jeggings and regular jeans.
  • Promoting : Advertising, coupon discounts, a special offer.

With a clear idea of your social media content create a content calendar where you determine:

  • Topics: what will you talk about
  • Author: who's responsible for getting the material done.
  • Deadline: date content has to be ready to publish
  • Resources: materials and people to help the main author create the great content.
  • Metrics: determine what you will measure and what you'll consider as successful.

Social Media Content Format

  • Short-form videos : Popular format of content sharing that lasts less than one minute. You engage and entertain your audience easily. 85% of social
    media users prefer short videos.

  • Attractive images : Images tell a story in a blink of an eye and create context to your message. Our mind is wired to decode image information based on color contrast with little effort.

  • Live video : Videos let you interact with your target audience in real time. It gives you the opportunity to show your product in action and much more.

  • *Memes and jokes * :Humor is always a powerful engaging and relaxing tool. When people laugh they feel happy and that creates a positive attitude to what you have to tell them.

Social Media Copywriting

To give life to your posts and be successful in a highly competitive market you need to apply copywriting techniques.


Because copywriting is a basic marketing strategy ingredient to position your brand consistently.

The combination of target audience knowledge,their motivations and needs together with your brand's unique value proposition let copywriters create powerful messaging that relates to your customer and showcases your positioning in the market.

Social media copywriting helps you deliver powerful and simple messages that add value to your products, make them memorable and desirable.

Your message should call users' attention and convince them that the benefits your product offers will transform their life, leaving the actual pains in the past.

Social Media Metrics

Your social media marketing plan should include what metrics you want to measure to determine if you're successful or not. But if you're not sure what to measure, here you have 4 basic metrics that will help you.


Content Reach

One of the reasons why you're present on social media platforms is to make you or your brand visible. That's the only way to learn how large your potential audience is and how you can build even a bigger audience.

Get a weekly report about how many people you reach with your posts and which posts are more successful.

If you have accounts on different platforms, compare platforms performance and focus on those platforms that give you the largest reach.


Check how many likes, shares and comments you get. These numbers will give you the right information to decide what type of post resonates more with your audience, what to post next and what to change. alt:social-media-engagement-report


First you have to define what kind of conversion you're measuring. May be you want to measure how many people subscribe to your newsletter or land on your landing page or what percentage of visitors turn into qua lified leads.

One way of learning how much conversion your social media activity produces is to visit your website Google analytics page and learn how much traffic comes from social media platforms to your website, which pages they land on and which ones have a high bounce rate.

This referral traffic is an indicator of an audience who is engaged and wants to learn more.

On the other hand, bounce rate, indicates what pages need revision to improve visitors' engagement.


Sales are an important indicator of your social media successful activity.

Some social media platforms offer monetization and that gives you a clear picture of your results in revenue area.

If you don't use this method, the way to measure how many sales you get as a result of your social media campaign is not so easy to measure because the path to sales is not a straight one.

But you can track what percentage of leads come from social media platforms, either through Google analytics or asking customers where they found you.


Your solo entrepreneurship or small business has to skyrocket your presence on social media platforms to reap the rewards. If you follow these steps you have a basic guide to create your social media presence and make your business grow easily.

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