create profitable offers no one can refuse

Create Profitable Offers No One can Refuse

If you display a thrilling offer, containing what customers really want, expressed with great clarity and reversing the risk, you’ll get a profitable offer people would feel stupid saying NO.

by Monica Di Santi

April 6, 2023

Offers are everywhere on the internet, but how much do they sell?


Some do pretty well, others not so much.


Because similar offers are everywhere. They don’t show something that enables a difference to attract more customers. Generally, the customer experience is boring and poor, and the messaging is not clear.

People are bombarded with offers all day long, so their attention’s span is quite short and they automatically shut down to most of these offers. You only have a few seconds to engage them. An average of 8 seconds. That's what data scientists and media analysts believe is now the average consumer attention span

What is a Profitable Offer?

A profitable offer is an eye-catching and impactful sales deal that triggers the desire to buy on the spot. This sales proposal creates a buying excitement that cannot be overlooked.

A successful offer is unique. It is generally bundled with other products or services and provides high value in return for the money invested. A risk-free guarantee turns the offer into a must-have product. Urgency and scarcity are intensifiers that help trigger action out of FOMO ( fear of missing out) feelings, making easier to close the sale.

If this profitable offer states at the core of your business it will create a frame for your business success.

The Irresistible Offer cuts through all the noise and clutter. It creates an itch that the buyer has to scratch. Such an offer makes doing business with you so easy and obviously beneficial that you stand out clearly from the crowd.

Mark Joiner

Domino was a great example of a central profitable offer as they grew their business with the famous remark, "Get your pizza in 30 minutes or it’s free."

The original iPod was first presented in October, 2001 and it was accompanied by the famous remark, “1,000 songs in your pocket,” expressing clearly what benefit Apple was offering to their customers.

Elements of a Profitable Offer

Offer products prospects need

You have to know your target audience’s pain points and what makes them tick. Offer prospects the solution to a problem or what they crave desperately.

If you’re walking in a scorching dessert ,would a refreshing glass of water be a good offer? Surely, it would.

If somebody is shivering with cold, would a hot cup of coffee be a good offer?

Of course, it would.

You get idea, right?

Questions to determine what your audience wants

  • what does my audience want or need?
  • what are their pains?
  • how do they think?
  • where do they hang out?
  • what solutions did they choose to similar problems in the past?
  • what kind of solution can I offer?
  • can I offer a unique offer in this field?
  • how can I offer my audience a better solution, quicker and cheaper than the competition?
  • check audience reactions and reviews.

High-return value on investment

When customers buy a product they should perceived the transaction as a high-return on investment. The money invested is inferior to the benefits they will get from your product. They are doing a better deal than expected, so they want your product now. Only a fool could miss this bargain.

Want to Increase the value of your offer?

Create a stacked offer.

This is a simple way of adding value to your principal product. For example, if you sell gluten free flower, you can add a book of recipes, some baking pans and cookie cutters for a higher price.

Questions to shape your profitable offer

  • what can I offer as a solution to this problem or desire?
  • Is my solution unique in the market?
  • Is my solution similar to the other offers in the market?
  • how can I add value to my offer?
  • can I offer valuable bonuses?
  • do I offer a reverse guarantee?
  • do I have a fresh approach to my offer?

Turn up at the right time

Connecting with your prospects and customers with the right message depends on what stage of their buying journey they are. Each stage of the buying journey needs a different message.

Researching customers with surveys and polls, and watching prospects' behavior online, you will understand if they are ready to buy or not.

Have they visited your website several times?

Have they already chosen items and they sit in the shopping cart?

In this cases, let them come across your products again via ads and trigger their action to buy.

Questions to decide the timing of your profitable offer

  • Do I have a marketing funnel?
  • Do I segment my audience according to the place where they are in the funnel?
  • Do I know what customers are ready to buy?
  • Do I use the same message for each stage of the funnel?
  • Do I follow up with those who have left their products in the shopping cart?


Customers and prospects should believe you're the best option in the market and have confidence in your company's commitment to honestly do a great job for them. Your profitable offer should be worthy of belief.

You can build credibility :

  • being honest and helpful
  • communicating effectively
  • having your product scientifically validated
  • having been endorsed by high-profile people
  • have received tons of positive reviews
  • have long history of successful performance in the market
  • have a unique approach to the problem solution

Questions to check believability

  • is your company well established?
  • is your solution validated by some kind of authority in the field?
  • are the reviews you receive mostly positive?
  • do people mention your brand in comments?
  • do people refer customers to you?
  • have you got tons of complaint?
  • do you offer an excellent customer service?

Reverse risk

People suffer from fear of loss, so they research online and take some time to make up their mind before buying a product. But if you reverse the risk, and offer a money back guarantee,customers don’t have anything to lose. This pushes sales forward.

A guarantee is a solemn promise, generally in writing,a company gives customers,stating the company's responsibility for the quality or performance of a given product.In case of failure the company will fix any flaws free of charge.

Questions to check reverse risk

  • do I offer a guarantee?
  • do you offer a free period trial?
  • do you offer a demo?
  • do I offer a money-back guarantee?
  • is that guarantee strong enough?
  • how long does your guarantee last?
  • have you checked your competition guarantee?

Scarcity and Urgency

These two intensifiers help you build up an irresistible offer.

Procrastination is the action of postponing activities for a later time. To avoid prospects being caught in procrastination, you have to add scarcity. This means there’s a limited stock of what you offer . And, urgency. This compelling offer will be available only a few days. These intensifiers push people to act soon.

Questions to add intensifiers to your profitable offer

  • do I mention that the offer will last only a few days?
  • do I express the limitation of the offer is determined by the stock we have?
  • do I mention this offer is only for the first 100 customers?
  • do I express the exclusivity of the offer for a certain group?

A remarkable statement

To attract customers you should present your offer with a remarkable statement, explaining what you offer and what benefits it brings and why they have to buy from you.

This short and striking phrase summarizes all the prospects want to know. If this statement catches their attention, they will proceed to check who you are and if they can trust you. Visuals accompanying the offer should look professional and enticing. Images should enhance your product and communicate benefits.

Questions to create a remarkable statement

  • could I summarize my irresistible offer in a short and easy-to-understand statement?
  • do I have the ability to write a fresh and single statement to encapsulate a great idea?
  • do I need a copywriter to do this for me?
  • do I have to test the statement and improve it if it fails?
  • where can I hire a copywriter? We can help you.

Call to action

At the end of the offer always make a specific call to action to encourage prospects to take action.

A call to action is a simple and easy-to understand command that will let visitors start a relationship with your business, and help you turn visitors into leads and boost sales.

Questions to choose your call to action

  • what do I want to achieve with this call to action?
  • what do I want to emphasize?
  • does my call arouse curiosity?
  • does my CTA trigger emotion?
  • am I using strong verbs?

The Role of Copywriting in Profitable Offers

The role of copywriting is to make customers and users take action. Whether you want prospects to sign up for your newsletter, download freebies, attend an event or buy your product after reading your profitable offer, you need to apply copywriting techniques to your offer presentation. A fresh perspective can be a game changer.

Your engaging message should be:

  • Fresh. Communicate your engaging message in a way that surprises readers so they stop and notice. Present your profitable offer in an unexpected way.

  • Clear. Your expression has to go straight to their heart and mind, leaving no doubt of what the core message means. No space for speculation.

  • Simple. Your message should be expressed in everyday language and short sentences. Readers can catch the meaning quickly and easily. Your message becomes persuasive and reaches a larger audience.

  • Brief . Brevity is shortness in duration. If you can express your main idea in a few words, you’ll focus on relevant information. This kind of communication sticks with people.

  • Closeness. Let readers feel they are experiencing your product right now, so they can see value by themselves. Visuals or videos can be your best ally to achieve this.


To create profitable offers no one can refuse you have to create a high-return on investment offer that's an invitation to buy on the spot. You have to offer a product people want at the time they want, reverse all risk and add urgency and scarcity to push the sale.

Your most profitable offer will have an engaging statements and visuals that will boost the transformation customers will go through after buying your product.

Copywriting is the most powerful tool to help you turn your products into profitable offers no one can refuse.

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