persuasive messages must be clear, credible and enticing

Clear Messaging in Business

Be clear. Be credible. Be enticing.

by Monica Di Santi

January 16, 2023

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What is Clear Messaging?

Clear messaging is the art of communicating powerful ideas in an easy-to-understand way. This type of communication delivers a single idea, uses simple grammar and every day language.

Business messages should be crystal clear to rise above the competition and call prospects attention.

Clear messaging helps your prospect grasp the meaning immediately without much ado, creating a strong and direct bridge of communication between your company and your prospects.

Clarity is persuasion.

The Four U’s

A good message construction always have to include the 4 u’s formula, created by business coach and entrepreneur Michael Masterson.

Usefulness: The information you provide has to be helpful to a group of people. Your message has to communicate that you solve certain type of problem. That means that what you offer must be able to be put to use for a purpose. It has to be valuable and help improve certain areas of prospects’ lives.

Ultra-specific: Speak about a specific topic in details and avoid generalization. Send a concrete message. Use facts and statistics. Be sharp and trigger mental images.


We help businesses to grow their business quickly.

we help start-ups to double their business ROI in 6 months with compelling copy.

Why the second message is more specific?

Let’s see...

  • “Starts-up” are companies in their initial stages of business.
  • “Double their business” refers to a specific number.
  • “6 months” is a specific period of time.

Unique: Products and services may offer several benefits but when you want to engage your prospects you have to be able to find the most attractive and convenient angle to show a unique advantage. This concept has to be turned it into a succinct message. A good copywritercan help you.

You can also use what differentiates you from your competition in this step.

Urgent: Audiences are bombarded by ads all day long and they won’t act unless there’s urgency to avoid losing a special benefit.

This is generally expressed as limited time to get certain product at a great discount. Though not suitable to every message urgency has to be present if you wish to trigger your prospects’ action.

Why is Clear and Concise Communication Important?

If you have a well-developed value proposition and you know well your target audience, it is compelling to express your message in an economical and easy-to-understand way.

Clear messaging is persuasive. Prospects will engage with your message because they will be happy to come across a statement that’s simple to understand and depicts the positive transformation their lives will go through using your product.

Other Benefits

Focusing on creating clear messaging will give you several advantages. You’ll...

  1. Have to go through a deep analysis of your products, company’s performance, audience and competition. You’ll be able to determine what position you have in the market easily and be successful.

  2. Find the best way to create a message that resonates with your target audience. Several tests will be done.

  3. Organize all the information you have about your company and become with few principal statements, that will be the backbone of your business message, similar to an elevator pitch.

  4. Prospects will have a clear understanding of your offer and company.

  5. Create a single view of the company that can be shared with all departments. Everybody will be able to deliver the same message to the public.

  6. Skyrocket your profit and popularity.

Different Types of Business Messages

Besides clear messaging, when you visit different websites you can see different types of message they display in which different areas are emphasized.

Company-centered message. Your message emphasizes who you are and what differentiate you from your competitors This is your great asset and it works as a guarantee to your customers. Copywriting can help you boost your marketing efforts even more.


Product-centered message. You keep focus on the qualities of the product. Your message is more technical and detailed. Copywriting can help you boost your marketing efforts even more.


Customer-centered message. You put your customer at the heart of your message. You are aware of their pains and needs, creating experiences customers can relate to. This way you build long-lasting relationships. Copywriting can help you boost your marketing efforts even more.


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To be successful in your business you basically need two elements:

  • Creation of a solid sales process.

  • Delivery of a clear message that triggers transformation in your clients’ life.

Clarity is persuasion.

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