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Copywriting for E-commerce

Build a successful and profitable e-commerce focusing on clear messaging with the help of copywriting for e-commerce

by Monica Di Santi

May 29, 2023

International e-commerce is profitable

The global e-commerce market added up to $5.7 trillion in 2022, according to Shopify. This number is expected to go on growing in the near future. Wow!

Even though e-commerce was popular before the pandemics, extensive lock-downs pushed online shopping even further. The easiness of buying from your phone at one click, has turned e-commerce in the most chosen way of shopping.

Many e-commerce owners take great care of their website design and back-end area but neglect copywriting for e-commerce. They create a business message without much thought. If you do this, you’re leaving money over the table.

Copywriting for e-commerce is direct response copywriting or sales copy. A professional copywriter will be able to craft messages that invite and persuade reader to take action, such as visiting your website, join your email list, or purchase a product.

If you want to improve customers' experience and conversion, establish your authority in the field and rank higher in search engine results, use copywriting for e-commerce as it will capture users' intent and be woven into copy, adding value to your products.

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce or electronic commerce is an online store, placed on a website or well-known virtual platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba and Walmart to mention a few.

No matter where people are in the world, they can reach your e-commerce and buy your products or services using the Internet. Digital shoppers generally use credit cards or a PayPal account to pay for their purchase.

Small businesses and professionals also take advantage of e-commerce. Restaurants, coffee shops and even the sale of second-hand items sold in the marketplace can be seen online, where regular people sell their second-hand items.

A virtual shopping experience can be a rewarding experience if your buyer's journey is smooth, simple and easy to understand. Also, buyers’ reviews will enhance people’s trust in your company as visitors trust other buyer's opinions more than a company’s publicity.

E-commerce is a great opportunity for companies because it reduces cost, increase efficiency, boost their international presence and promotes economic growth.

Elements of a Successful E-commerce

Visible E-commerce System

This area is what you see when you ask search engines to display a website on your browser. There you see text, pictures, videos and forms. This area is responsible for creating a rewarding experience for visitors. Here UX writing is your great ally.

The main idea is to design your website, presenting visuals and texts in a way that visitors get an unforgettable experience while browsing your website.

You need visuals and copy that deliver a clear and encouraging message in a context that clearly instruct visitors how to move from step 1 to the next one, and so on till they buy products in a smooth and easy way.

Hidden E-commerce System

This behind-the-scene area enables your website to perform well, non-stop, all the year round.

The interaction between your e-commerce website and the server is under its control. Most data and operating instructions are stored here.

Operating instructions written in a computer language determine what actions an application or or website can take, how to process data and much more.

This technical part of your e-commerce should be constantly updated and well integrated to run quickly and maximize your e-commerce performance and profit. Developers take care of this area.

Clear messaging

Every e-commerce has to be very careful with its business communication. Every thriving online company has a clear messaging.

Be clear. Be credible. Be enticing.

You have to deliver a clear, compelling and concise message based on your value proposition and your target audience’s needs. Clear business messaging is convincing because it's easy-to-understand and doesn’t demand effort on part of the reader. Your business message has to describe the value your product offer and the positive transformation it will bring to their life.

Copywriting for e-commerce can help you achieve the success you deserve.

Digital Marketing

It’s time for the world to learn your e-commerce is up and thriving. You have to promote your e-commerce to connect with potential customers, using the internet.

You can use different digital channels such as social media platforms, email marketing,mobile apps, search engines, and web applications to promote your e-commerce.

Digital marketing helps you bring attention to your e-commerce, let people know about your brand and your unique selling proposition. This way they’ll land on your website.

SEO techniques are part of digital marketing and will help you be found by potential customers as they look for information on search engines. Your e-commerce webpage should turn up in the search engine results, ranking high. This is one of the traffic sources you need to make your business thrive.

Remember to include your primary keywords in the file's name, title, description tag,in the first heading and subheadings. You can also include some keywords in pictures' names, their description, their captions.

The first paragraph of your article should include the keyword in the first one hundred words. According to Hubspot, keywords should keep a density of 1-2 keyword for every 100 words of copy. That creates a density of 1-2% which best practices.

Copywriting for e-commerce

Copywriting is the writing of advertising text to add value to products, engage and persuade visitors your offer is the best solution to their problem or need.

You don’t have the opportunity to talk face to face to your virtual visitors, so your e-commerce success depends on effective and profitable copy to catch people’s attention and convert visitors into customers as soon as possible.

Copywriting can also enhance your brand’s visibility and performance, grow the number of customers you attract and bring great profitability.

How to Improve your E-commerce Copy

  • Know your Audience Create a buyer persona description and include not only the demographic information but also include their pains, what make them tick, what kind of language they use such as formal, conversational, slang, their hobbies, what social platforms they hang up, what they complaint about.

  • Know your Product Thoroughly On the other hand, you have to know the product you're offering very well. This will help you write superb copy as you will be able to connect your potential customer with the product you offer much better.Your descriptions will be richer.

  • Focus on Benefits The best way to connect with potential customers is to speak of benefits. Not only the immediate benefit a product can offer but also the implied benefit. For example, if you sell products to lose weight you can not only emphasize that these pills will let them lose weight quickly without going on a strict diet but also, you can mention how sexy she will look and how many men will be interested in dating her.

  • Focus on People's Experience You can speak about a product creating a story in which the customer is the hero. The problem he's facing don't let him reach certain goals, but one day he comes across an opportunity ( your product) to solve that problem. He learns how to use it and that guide help him transform their life.

  • Write Simple Statements Copywriting for e-commerce will help you express your ideas in short and simple statements. Explain your points in a language a 10-year-old can understand. This way you'll reach a wider audience who will be happy to read an easy-to-understand statements.

  • Use Bullet Points Bulleted lists stand out and break the monotony of paragraphs. You can quickly read important information listed and last but not least they draw immediate attention to themselves.

  • Integrate Keywords Always include your most important keywords in your copy. This way you'll be easily found by potential clients when they surf the internet.


So, e-commerce is profitable and associated with low costs and the opportunity to reach any person in the world, but to be successful bear in mind all the above tips, specially the often forgotten copywriting for e-commerce.

An effective business communication is crucial if you want to succeed in your e-commerce adventure.

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