Use these tricks to supercharge your headlines and attract more customers

How to Supercharge your Headlines

Use these easy and tested tricks to turn your headlines into irrisistible people's stoppers

by Monica Di Santi

July 19, 2020

Compelling headlines are the most outstanding copywriting element. A headline goal is to target the right prospects, call thier attention and make them read the next line.

The first step to succeed is to know your audience thoroughly. This way you'll be able to offer them something they crave or a solution to a problem they have. Add a good knowledge of your product and your competition's activity, and you're ready to start writing a simple and persuasive statement.

The most important task your headline has to do is to grab a passer-by's attention. Your headline has to make them stop because they realize that headline has something in it for them.

As a general rule a headline has to be:


Headlines have to provide pragmatic information that readers can put into practice easily to achieve a goal.

If the prospect’s problem is obesity a headline talking about a revolutionary way of losing weight could be useful to somebody who has already tried several methods and failed.

If prospects are looking for a way to pay their debts, a headline announcing a free analysis of their personal situation and a free plan to pay their debt quickly will be useful.


Address your prospects' need with a particular product or service they can relate to and they would be interested in reading more.

If your audience wants to lose weight, maybe not all them want to do so for the same reason. Some want to lose weight to see themselves sexier and younger but others may want to lose weight for health reason.

If you include this kind of information in your headline it will be ultra-specific.


Your proposal has to beat your competition, offering readers a deal they can't resist. Packages with bonuses work well.

Most people are bombarded with around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. As you can imagine, they have prolific experience in reading offers that look the same or are very similar.

Here’s when you have to consider offering them something they’ll find unique. Maybe you can offer them a recently discovered method to lose weight without dieting or exercising. Of course this has to be real, not a made-up story.



As human beings we like to procrastinate, so one way to trigger the fear of missing in your readers you have to state that this wonderful opportunity will be available only a few days. After that date, it will be gone for ever.

Tricks to Supercharge your Headlines

1.Address a specific audience in your headline: Name who will benefit most from this opportunity.

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2. Make a reference to authority: Including the name of a well-known authority in relation to your product will push interest.

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3. Use Urgency: State there's limited time to get this product at such a great price.

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4. Present a problem followed by a solution: You draw readers in with the question and automatically show them the solution.

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5. Make the reader curious: Create a knowledge gap so that readers will feel the urge to learn the answer on the spot.

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6. Create a counter-intuitive statement: One way to call attention is to go against common sense.

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7. Target a need: Speak straight and mention their best kept needs.

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8.FOMO( feeling of missing out) : The psychology behind this technique is that the feeling of exclusion pushes prospects to act.

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9. Make use of conversational tone: Address readers as if you were two friends talking informally in a private conversation.

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10. Exclusivity: Make readers feel important offering something only a few privileged can have access to.

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11. Use numbers: A number provides a distinct piece of information while breaking the monotony of letters; a perfect combination to call attention.

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12. Give a powerful reason to act: When you explain why something is important you'll trigger a positive answer.

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13. Introduce novelty:Our mind is wired to react to something new, different or not seen before.

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14. Offer a freebie: Free is a great persuasive word that works wonders.

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15. Comparison: This technique always helps you present your offer as more convenient.

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16. Use your guarantee in your headline: Nobody wants to risk their money so if you explain what type of guarantee you offer, prospects will be more inclined to buy your product.

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17.Add Scarcity: Show prospects they have to hurry up if they want to enjoy this amazing deal.

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18. Let prospects have a peek at how it works: Prospects love to know how your product will solve their problem.

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19. Boost your statement: Enlarge the perspective of your benefits.

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20. Tell a little a story: We all get hooked with a good story.

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21. Address readers by their name: Listening to our names is always charming.

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22. Offer valuable information: That's the reason why people go to the Internet.

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23. Turn the headline into a question.

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24. Refer to an ultra-specific problem: Give details about a particular problem.

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To round the idea off, first know your audience, your product and your competition. Then, bear in mind these tricks and mixed them together when writing an effective headline. You'll become a master of killer headlines.

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