Headlines are important to stand out in the crowd

Why are Headlines Important?

by Monica Di Santi

May 20, 2020


The importance of headlines in advertising is paramount because it is the first real contact with your prospects, promising a solution they're looking for.

And readers make a decision on that headline whether it's worthwhile spending time reading more. It gives you only a few seconds. Wow!

Headlines are not simple strings of words.They have to carry a strong and relevant message to be successful. A mixture of emotion and logic works quite well to craft a winner headline because we all buy with emotions and justify our deed with logic.

Some famous headlines have done a master job.

They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano But Then I Started to Play --John Caples

This headline was created in 1926, and it was one of the most successful ads in history.It was used to offer a free book( lead magnet) to learn to play the piano but the real interest of that company was to sell musical instruments.

Caples engages readers with a story about a moment when a man feels undervalued because the public considered him not talented to play the piano. From there on, he tells readers anybody can get results with this new book.

At 60 Miles an Hour, the Loudest Noise in This New Rolls-Royce Comes From the Electric Clock---David Ogilvy

Although this car sold very well for years, with the slogan "The best car of the world" sales skyrocketed in 1957 when David Olgilvy created this well-known slogan: At 60 Miles an Hour, the Loudest Noise in This New Rolls-Royce Comes From the Electric Clock. A Roll Royce became the symbol of wealth and success for millionaires and actors. Even Elvy Presley bought one.

Why Haven’t TV Owners Been Told These Facts--Eugene Schwartz

This TV repair ad, is a powerful icon, using the technique of winning over a reader who thinks repairing the TV set is not for him. The envy feeling this copywriter triggers, saying that other TV owners are enjoying high-quality results, help engage the reader.The statement goes Why Haven’t TV Owners Been Told These Facts This mysterious situation is cleared up when the copywriter tells TV owners they can easily learn to do some adjustment to their TV sets and enjoy high-quality show transmission. This way he sold millions of cheap books that expalined TV owners how to enjoy TV shows to the fullest.

The headline's purpose is to lure readers, engage them and grab their attention so that they become absorbed in that information.

This works for social media posts, email subjects, ads, marketing content, articles, website pages and more.

People surf the internet in search of information that's important to them, that can solve a problem or make a dream come true. And that's the only thing that counts. Your headline has to answer their questions and make readers believe something promising is coming.

When you publish your content you expect people to read it, like it and share it. Great! But before reaching that point people have to read your content. And even before, they have to stop to read your headline.So your headline is the starting point of your success.

People are constantly bombarded with ads, so your headline has to be attractive enough to make readers stop and consider its promise. It has to be so good that it creates a genuine reaction of interest. Readers' curiosity demands more information about that promise. That's the precious moment when your reader clicks and start reading your content.

In short, a headline to be successful has to be:

  • useful: The headline has to offer pragmatic information in a specific area
  • unique: What you offer to your reader has to be refreshing even if has read lots of headlines before.
  • urgent: The headline has to trigger immediate action to grab the opportunity.
  • ultra-specific: You have to communicate with precision and clearness.

How to Create a Winning Headline

Know your Audience

You should know who is your targeting audience; who you are talking too. Bear always in mind their needs and desires and what makes them tick. Develop a buyer persona and include as many details as possible about prospects: Where they live, how much they earn, what activities they enjoy and much more. Write your ad in your prospects' language so they can easily relate to.

Create an Irresistible Offer

Tailor your offer to the readers' desires and need. This is quite important because the market is not a whole.

If you are selling a product to lose weight, not everybody will do it for the same reason. Some pursue a slim figure and others good health. Don't try to sell to everybody at the same time.

Communicate your Ideas with Conviction

Use verbs, vivid descriptions and emotional words such as magical, secret, save, confidential. etc.

When you create a compelling headline, you create curiosity in the reader's mind and force him to act on the spot because he wants more information. When you ask people to agree with you, you're really asking for empathy so they can see your point of view.

Use Highly-Proven Headline Formulas

Study successful headlines written by famous copywriters. Some structures and phrases have already proven to be profitable. Why not use them as a base to create yours?

At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in the New Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock by David Ogilvy

They Laughed When I Sat Down at The Piano by John Caples.

Test your Headline

After writing more than ten headlines, start with a few variations, test them with different variables and a control group. See which one is the favorite. Test also its length, vocabulary and trigger words. That way you'll get a winner, no doubt.

Some Proven Formulas That Will Kick Start your Work On Headlines

  1. Amazing Secrets can Get you All [the Happiness/Wealth/Love/Admiration] you Could Ever Possible [ Want/Dream Of]
  2. Currently, An [Expert/Scientist/Doctor] Discovers the Shortest [Path/Way] to [Richness/Happiness/ Long Healthy Life]
  3. Finally, a Unique [Method/Opportunity] to Show you How to [Make Money/Lose Weight] and Get [All the Attention you Deserve]
  4. How to [Earn Money/Skyrocket your Sales]Automatically while [you Sleep/Have Fun/Lie on the Beach]
  5. To Those Who Want to Become [Millonaires/Celebrities/] in a Very Short Time Without Much Effort.
  6. Discover How Easy It Is to Turn [ your Old House] into [a Profitable Summer Hostel/Motel]
  7. Skyrocket your [Website/Business Profit] with this Proven and Profitable [System/Secrets]
  8. Here Are The Simplest[ Answers/Techniques] You Need to Instantly [Change your Life/ Become a Millionaire]
  9. Learn The [Inside/Kept Secrets] of a [Simple Technique/Easy Method] That Let me Earn [$1,000/20,000] in Minutes.
  10. Now Let Me Show You How [Your Expertise/ Your Slim Figure] Can Bring You [Money and Fame/Lots of Unexpected Dates.]
  11. The Best Kept Secrets To Avoid [Becoming Old/Being Cheated/Losing Money/Meet Difficult Clients], Now Available for You
  12. Urgent: A Smart [Lawyer/Attorney/Accountant] Shares His Best Kept Tricks to [Pay Less Taxes/Retire Early/ Profit More from Your Money]
  13. How To Become a [Specialist/Expert/Best Seller Author] Everybody Wants to[ Hire/ talk To/ Listen to] and Earn Thousands Of Dollars [Weekly/Daily]
  14. Who Else Wants To Become An Instant [ Millionaire/Expert/Celebrity]
  15. Announcing A New [Resource/Opportunity] That Can Change Your [Finances/Life/] For Ever In Minutes.
  16. Travel To [Europe/Asia] and Enjoy The Same [Places/Meals] Royals Do At Affordable Prices
  17. [ 40/50] [Tourist Destinations/Historical Venues] To Enjoy in Europe Without Spending a Fortune
  18. The Best [Opportunities/Ideas ]Young People Can Access To, To [Land/Get] a Wonderful[First Job/Car]
  19. How To Quickly[ Adapt Yourself To/ Settle Down in] A New [Culture/Country] And Get Your First [Job/House]
  20. [10/15] Foolproof Ways To Improve Your [Vision/New Language] And Throw Away Your [Old Glasses/Fear to Speak].

Now, you have all the necessary ingredients to create well-crafted headlines to engage your readers and keep them reading. Note: Article updated 6 Sept 2021.

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