Direct Response Advertising for Entrepreneurs

by Monica Di Santi

March 31, 2022

Direct response advertising and brand advertising are two types of ads widely used. Although both of them are part of marketing communication, and their common purpose is to entice prospects and eventually makes a sales, these two kinds of advertising are quite different.

What’s Brand Advertising?

The purpose of brand advertising is to create brand awareness, positive perception and loyalty, creating deep and long-term relationship with prospects.

Companies with big budgets position themselves in viewers’ mind in the hope that their brand will be preferred over competitors’ when prospects think of buying a product of their kind. That's a long-term strategy and doesn't bring sales fast.

Branding ads tell you a story to inspire you.

They may show you how much fun people have at a fancy party when they drink a certain bubbling champagne but they won’t prompt you to act.

What is Direct Response Advertising?

Direct response advertising is a compelling communication strategy that talks straight to prospects and motivate them to act on the spot.

Direct response advertising tempts you with great discount prices and bonuses.

When you get an offer in your mail to buy certain product, or get coupons to get a discount, that’s direct response advertising.


What is Direct Response Copywriting?

Direct response copywriting is a type of marketing writing that is customer focused, keeps the message relevant and triggers action on the spot.

Direct response writing attracts customers with killer headlines, entices them with benefits and demands to perform an action.

These days you come across direct response copy on website, emails, blog posts, landing pages, social media posts and case studies.

Hosting webinars, twitter chats, creating podcasts generate opportunities to prompt prospects to perform a specific action fast.

Also, referral programs, infomercials, direct response TV and radio ads.

One of the most outstanding feature of direct response advertising is that you can test your messages and measure your results after each campaign sent. That’s why is widely used used in digital marketing.

Browsers and social media platforms also provide analytic tools that provide you with the results of your campaign.

Why does Direct Response Advertising Work for Entrepreneurs?

Direct response copywriting works because the message you write to your prospect let you interact with them in a warm and private conversation as if he were your friend.

Through direct response copy you talk to prospects, show them you understand their problem and offer a solution that will transform their life if they act soon.

The great value of direct response marketing is that you can test your message in A/B test and determine which message is more successful.

Then you can measure your campaign results, tweak the text and media if necessary and go on skyrocketing your sales.

As an entrepreneur you are marketing on a budget and needs to increase your sales as soon as possible.

You have to use every opportunity to ask for the sale. You can’t wait.

So, you use direct response copywriting in your home page and trigger an action that may be choose a category of product, or sign up for your newsletter or any other action you want them to perform.

Every time you write an email you use direct copywriting techniques such as AIDA. You start grabbing readers’ attention with an interesting headline, you increase their interest in what you offer with benefits, create desire describing how the customer’s life will change after he uses your product and then you ask for the sale.

Every opportunity you have to be in contact with your prospects use direct response copywriting techniques and you'll increase your conversion.

What are Examples of Direct Response Advertising?


This webpage explains the benefits of a new service. A call to action to join a wait-list follows.


Squeeze Page

This squeeze page offers a lead-magnet in exchange for your email.

The title describes what to expect from this freebie.


Home Page

This home page shows how the direct response technique is put into practice.

The call to action invites you to analyze your website right now.


Link Generation

This page prompts you to create your account and generate links to share your ideas ideas from your blog on social platforms.

What to expect is clearly explained at the bottom of the page.


Call To Action

This call to action starts with a recapitulation of the benefits you will get and invite you to start for free.



Infomercial is a type of direct response advertising that is set up as a show.

Plenty of information and practical exhibition of how to use the product in included to overcome objections and increase desire.

Call to action is always included.

Why Should You Care About Direct Response Advertising?

You should care about this marketing approach because it helps you work effectively on a budget and take advantage of every opportunity you talk to prospects and make a sale.

With direct response copywriting you:

  • focus on a small niche
  • trigger sales quickly
  • maximize your ROI
  • work on a tight budget
  • neglect big companies
  • save time

Final Thoughts

Entrepreneurs with small budget and few employees can increase their sales if they apply the principles of direct response copywriting to grow their business.

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