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Are you Making this Costly Mistake?

When you don’t pay attention to costly mistakes it can result in serious disadvantage for you and your business, including a loss of reputation.

by Monica Di Santi

November 8, 2019

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Do you spend a lot of money on your website design and visuals regularly but pay little attention to the words you choose in your business communication?

Are you making this costly mistake?

Don't worry. You can solve this problem easily.

Working with a copywriter could make the difference between business success and failure.

And they don’t need fancy technology or expensive trips.

They only need the old...

Pen and Paper.

In the digital era communication is done through written or recorded messages.

You don’t have the opportunity to stand face to face to the person who’s interested in your product or service.

Your only tools are words and pictures interacting with your prospect through a screen.

Beautiful, colorful pictures attract but only words sell.

Your choice of words will determine the effectiveness of your message and the only aim of your business message is to make people take action such as share a post, comment on your articles, subscribe to your newsletter or buy your product or service.

Words are not only a set of signs put together with a meaning.The most important goal of your business communication is to trigger people's action.

Language is an awesome tool to apprehend life experiences and emotional states and keep them deep down in your memory.

When you use the word love__, you’re not using only letters and sounds, you’re evoking concepts your listener has in his mind together with emotions and memories.

So, words are powerful because they trigger our most intimate experiences and urge us to take action.

Who can Help you Stop Making this Costly Mistake?

A specialist in persuading language.

A copywriter is an expert who knows about

• psychology • business • language

A copywriter masters the combination of these elements together with research and creativity, producing inspiring messages that will skyrocket your sales.

A copywriter creates fresh content for all your business communication channels such as websites, social media, landing pages, brochures, emails and video scripts. Good copywriters can turn your products or services into great profit.

11 Ways a Copywriter will Fatten your Bank Account

1- Turn your Website into a 24/7 Selling Machine

Your website is a digital salesperson and it should work non-stop for you, bringing you high profits.

After developing a unique selling proposition targeting the right audience and delivering it at the right time your sales will skyrocket.

But, the Internet is impersonal and visitors to your website can have a high bounce rate. Your competition is just one click away, and most prospects will visit several websites that offer similar products or services.

As a first step offer them lots of valuable free information so they don't feel sold. Your aim is to make them stay longer on your website and read as much as possible.

Your website should be neat and professional, well-organized, easy to navigate, free of grammatical errors and typos and mobile-friendly.

State clearly what you sell at the top of the home page. You only have a few seconds to engage your visitors, so the last thing you want to do is to confuse them about whether this is the right place to find the solution they're craving.

So, remember, Digital communication depends on your choice of words and the ideas they evoke.

2-Create your Best Sales Proposal Ever

Is your offer irresistible?

Does your prospect believe the benefits you offer are worth their hard-earned money?

Does your sales proposal satisfy their desire?

Does your proposal provide enough value to make your prospect take action as soon as possible?

Do you include a reason to buy?

Do you add bonuses?

Is your price shown in the right way?

Is the language used appropriate?

Is the page design adequately?

Do you offer a guarantee?

Do you offer post-selling support?

Are your instructions clear?

A copywriter will help you enhance your product or service proposal and present it as a high - value opportunity.

3- Develop your Unique Selling Proposition

Is price your only hook to attract clients?

Do you differentiate yourself from the competition? If not you have to create your unique selling proposition.

Most companies look at their competition and create a similar strategy. That’s alright if you only want to survive.

But if your desire is to expand your business and boost your sales, you have to differentiate yourself from the rest and be unique.

A copywriter will help you find this valuable information within your company.

4-Position Yourself as an Authority in Your Field

When you are an authority in your field, you’ll definitely stand out from your competition.

People want to hear advice from experts, from those who have dedicated their lives to an area of expertise.

May be you or your company can be in that position or you may be connected to influencers or your product backed up by scientific research, i.e. authority.

Genuine knowledge shows your prospects you really understand them.

A copywriter will turn you into an authority step by step.

5- Boost your Credibility

Authority and credibility go hand in hand.

Your company, your professionalism, your sales proposal have to be credible, otherwise it's doomed to fail.

Your prestige, company history, endorsements and stories contribute to build your credibility in the business world.

A copywriter will help you improve your public credibility making wise use of your background.

6-Attract the Right Audience

Do you get lots of likes, shares and traffic to your website but few sales?

Are you targeting the right audience?

Do you segment your audience?

Do you check if you’re on the right track from time to time?

A copywriter will help you find and nurture the audience that would be interested in your product or service.

7-Engage Readers at First Glance

In a busy world where people are bombarded with publicity all day long, you only have a few seconds to catch people's attention.

And that’s what a copywriter does best.

He writes compelling messages that hook the reader at first glance.

80 % of people read headlines and only 20% read the whole message. That shows you why you should always publish a compelling headline.

A Copywriter is an expert writing headlines, the most important element in an ad.

8-Make Visitors/Readers Take Action

The only goal of every piece of business communication is to make your prospects act. According to the goal in mind, a copywriter will choose the most effective words to grab prospects' attention, create immediate excitement and make them act.

A copywriter will arrange words in such a wise way that will always trigger the reader’s action.

9-Turn Strangers into Regular Customers

The different steps a buyer goes through has to be taken into account when writing business communication.

You need content to attract qualified new people, nurture them, deliver your message at the right time, and convince prospects to buy your product or service.

A copywriter understands this process and knows how to capture your audience's preference and turn strangers into regular customers.

10-Turn Customers into Advocates

74% of companies' managers recognize that great customer experience turn them into advocates. Every time clients interact with your company, make them feel satisfied.

Do everything you can to provide a gorgeous and unforgettable experience when clients are using your product or service.

Satisfied customers will speak about their gorgeous experience with friends and acquaintances.

A copywriter will help you turn customers into evangelists.

11-Beat Down your Competition

You may think that to differentiate yourself from your competition you should spend large amounts of money and work hard.

You only need to position yourself in your audience’s mind and be spotted easily in a crowded market. This can be easily achieved through special messages very few put into practice.


A copywriter will help you create a unique presence in the market and beat down your competition.

Need a copywriter to boost your sales? Contact us.

Note: Article updated 2022-06-22

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