Clear messaging: Copywriting

by Monica Di Santi

July 12, 2023

Communicate your Value Effectively

By now you have checked all the areas of your company that are important in marketing:

  • Vision and Mission
  • What problem you solve
  • why your solution is the best
  • brand positioning
  • your core messages

All the previous collected information has to turn up when you promote your products and services on your website, email-marketing campaign, social media,brochures, press release and ads.


Because the information you’ve gathered will let you position your brand in the market and offer true value to your customers.

Your value proposition is the reason why customers buy from you and it is crucial for your business’ success.

If you don’t differentiate your brand from your competition, people will only compare brands based on price. As a consequence, your sales will be slow and your profit will shrink.

Positioning is finding the right parking space inside the consumer’s mind and going for it before someone else takes it.

-Laura Busche

How to Communicate your Value Effectively

Being prolific isn’t about coming up with 1,000 new ideas.

It’s about finding your 1-3 core ideas—then finding 1,000 different ways to say them.

-Dickie Bush

Now comes the challenge to communicate that value to the audience effectively.

How could you succeed in this task? Copywriting is your secret ally to communicate your clear messaging effectively.

Good copywriting shapes the way your brand is perceived and why potential customers should choose your brand, creating a trustful first impression that leads to the arousal of curiosity and compelling feeling of wanting to know more and get in touch. This is the beginning of a mutually helpful relationship.

Higher conversion comes from applying copywriting techniques that turn your products or services into irresistible offers. Product descriptions, benefits and logical explanation take readers to compelling calls to action,

All your business communication should display copywriting techniques.

Although different types of copywriting, have different purposes, all of them aim at engaging your audience with customer-friendly messages that help them make the decision of buying right now.

Emails, website pages, banners, emails, social media, brochures, visiting cards, bill boards, display and native ads, video scripts are some examples of where copywriting techniques will help you be successful.

So, a good copywriter can do a great job for you!

A good copywriter mixes good knowledge of business, social psychology and language mastery to create a successful message. And so, he grabs readers' attention at first glance, make them interested in your product or service and prompt them to act.

An effective copywriting message has to be simple, short, concrete, unique and moving; delivered to the right audience at the right time.

A copywriter gives all the value you provide the prominence it deserves and grab your target audience’s attention.

Your copywriter combines the value you offer with creativity and helps you communicate effectively with those who are interested in the type of product or service you offer.

Copywriters are masters of words and they easily trigger emotion to catch attention and add logic to explain the most important details. And this type of communication is done using simple words. They manage to communicate complex ideas using simple words.

Copywriters use small words to tell big ideas

Copywriting is the art of delivering messages to attract clients, deepen their interest in your product or service, and convince them to take action.

How to Convert a value proposition into effective communication

The only purpose of these examples you read here are to show you how copywriting works.

Let's take Uber's value proposition: the smartest way to get around

Phrases a copywriter can create

  • Get the first-rate taxi service for less money.

  • Get your personal chauffeur at your door anytime you have to leave home.

  • Save time and money with Uber's service.

  • When you dress smart, ride smart.

  • No call, no cash, no wait. For your next trip, choose Uber.

  • A friend always picks you up, no matter where you are.-Uber.

Further Reading

Your Turn

Get your value proposition and your core messages and write:

  • an email campaign
  • rewrite one of your webpages.
  • social media post

Note: If you are not a business owner, choose your favorite product and do the exercise based on that information Have fun!

If you have any questions or need professional help, please contact us.