Clear Messaging: Brand Positioning

by Monica Di Santi

July 11, 2023

Brand Positioning

Your brand positioning is the perception your company gets in your customer's mind. This insight creates associations in that mind that gives your company certain aesthetic qualities and place to live in.

Your brand positioning determines how your customers perceive your company compared to your competition.So, if the perception is constructive, you can position your products focusing on the particular differentiation or benefit you offer. As a consequence, your value rises in the customers' eyes.

A brand is a promise.

A good brand is a promise kept.

Muhtar Kent

Let's go back to the hotels we mentioned before. The hotel that offers a free gym class positions itself in a higher rank in the mind of those who do gym regularly in the morning and don't want to miss it because they are on a trip.

This positioning is connected with the need of a group of people who love exercising no matter what.

To be successful in brand positioning:

  • Have an easily-understood name
  • Display visual identification
  • Evoke an emotion
  • Have clear mission and vision
  • Create core messages

A clear positioning statement is the heart of every marketing activity because the visual design and customers experience give life to the core phrases your brand uses.

The Brand positioning takes into account the way you differentiate your product or service from your competitors to conclude which market niche to fill better.

A company’s marketing positioning strategy is affected basically by 4 elements:

  • price
  • quality
  • differentiation
  • convenience

Positioning is finding the right parking space inside the consumer’s mind and going for it before someone else takes it.

-Laura Busche

Starbucks' draw special attention to elements that give life to their brand positioning, using some value positioning statements repeatedly such as:

  • The best coffee
  • The finest milk used
  • Rich and smooth flavors
  • 100% recycled paper use

Kentucky fried chicken offers delicious fried chicken in the fast food industry and its brand positioning focuses on:

  • unique recipes such as secret herbs and spices
  • menu items with their own names such as pop corn chicken
  • diner decoration enhancing their values
  • digital ordering and payment options.

As you see, all this information that represents the essence of your brand are the base of your marketing Coin some phrases that highlight your exclusive brand positioning and you have a strong base to promote your company.

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Now that you have checked your vision and mission, have a clear picture of audience who is interested in the way you solve a certain problem, together with your differentiation, you can create your core marketing messages.