Clear Messaging: Problem and Solution

by Monica Di Santi

July 11, 2023

What Problem do you Solve?

You are in business because you solve a problem to a group of people.


You’re not offering a solution to everybody because that way you won’t sell to anybody.

People may be interested in what you sell but their reasons and motivations vary from people to people or at least from group to group.

Motivation is an important element to connect with a target audience so, meet personal requirements and feelings to make customers feel special according to their motivations and you'll increase your sales.

Exclusivity is a powerful elements that touches customers heart, making them feel special.

Addressing Motivations

Let’s suppose you language courses abroad.

Motivations may vary.

  • Some will love to take part in a cultural immersion adventure to experience first hand that culture and pick up their language
  • Some will choose this kind of opportunity because they don’t want to stay by themselves abroad. Taking part in this organized experience they will always be in a group and have some personal support in case of difficulties.
  • Some will take part because they want to improve their language fluency to apply to better job position.

As you could see, their motivation vary and so you need to talk to them about the same product, emphasizing the advantage they are looking for.

Intention is desire, motivation what drives you in that direction.

That’s why is so important to know your audience. ( link to article)

Basic customers motivations

The need of the product

Even with the most common products or services, people pay for them because they really need those products at that moment.

  • If you're hungry, you need some food, so you buy a hamburger.

  • If you have cold you need some medicine to feel better.

  • If you're tired out of town, you need a place to sleep, so you go to a hotel

And, as you know, many companies offer a solution to these problems. But to compete, they have to differentiate themselves from the rest.

What type of value do they offer?

  • Hotel A offers awesome views from their bedroom
  • Hotel B offers breakfast and a gym class included in the price they charge for one night
  • Hotel C offers free transfer to the airport.

These differentiators target varying customers' motivations.

When you target a new group of people, show them the value you offer.

Achieve a goal

People buy products or services to achieve a goal so this is another way to present your product. A product that

  • helps them lose weight
  • be more sexy and attractive
  • get a better job

People feel fulfilled when they achieve a goal so when you offer your product emphasize the goal your product helps achieve.

Make life easier

Everyone wants more free time, less time at the office, not doing physical work.

So, products like robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans hard to reach places without much effort are lovely. The product is low maintenance and avoid physical job and gives customers more time to do what you like.

Save time and money

People love coupons because they help people to save lots of money. It feels so good to get the product you need and at the same time save some money to buy something extra.

A sense of freedom

Vacation, holidays, weekend breaks offer a sense of freedom, being able to leave everything behind and enjoy life.


Everybody wants to feel protected in case of illness, robbery, violent attack and even death.

  • Life insurance let families face with some ease the difficult moments when death strikes.
  • Health insurance help people face illness and have access to professionals, treatments and medicine in an easier way.
  • Security services companies protect people when traveling or moving around in big cities. These certified law enforcement professionals make people feel protected.
  • Diapers for incontinence help people who suffer urinary incontinence feel secure and confident as they feel protected wearing that product.

Does your product offer valuable security to them? That's a great way to show the value of your service or product.

Now that you know customers basic motivation, what problem you solve and how to present it to your potential customers, you have a good reason to know your target audience quite well.

Research helps you discover not only the demographic information about your customer but also what they like, believe in, what keeps them wake at night and what makes them tick.

Further reading

Your Turn

Now it's time to write down what problem your company solves. Describe the solution you offer and how this is different from the competition. Make a list of the benefits your product offers, taking into account basic customers' motivation.