The most profitable calls to actions to convert like a pro

Profitable Calls to Action

A combination of outstanding design, together with a compelling written invitation, and placed in strategic positions will create the perfect enviroment to prompt profitable actions.

by Monica Di Santi

April 22, 2023

What is a Call To Action?

A call to action is a tool used on websites and social media to prompt an action. Generally, with the shape of a colorful button, the call to action is designed to call readers' attention and instruct them what to do next.

Calls to action are guideposts on the buyers' journey. These prompts keep visitors focused on their next step. This could be downloading a checklist, guide, signing up, subscribing or just buying.

Call to actions are essential parts of your webpage design. You should absolutely always include a CTA button after engaging and providing your reader with valuable information.

Why are Calls to Action Important?

Imagine walking along all by yourself in an unknown city the first time you visit it. What kind of experience would you have? Perhaps a wonderful one but not without putting some effort to discover where to go from this point to the next tourist attraction spot. Maybe you're the kind of person you love challenges and enjoy the adrenaline of being a bit lost.

On the other hand, if you reach an unknown city and join a guided tour of the city, you can relax and enjoy the instructions and explanations of a knowledgeable and friendly tourist guide. She also includes some stories about other tourists and locals.

Calls to actions do the tourist guide job on your website, so visitors can move quickly and fullfill their desire of getting what they have come for.

Calls to action are important because you can direct attention to different parts of a screen and trigger action to reach the next step. Calls to action help you be in control and not depend only on the visitors' intrinsic motivation.

Action triggers are important because they stand for:

Standing out

Prompts to act create a contrast between the general page and their presence. They break the monotony of a text page and call attention. Not all visitors will read everything you present to them. In fact, most people scan the page and look for information about what to do next.


Calls to action guide your website visitors on what to do next, where to find a desired information or material. Most visitors behave like hunters. They don't read. They scan the page in search of a quick answer or hint where to go.


Compelling calls to action make your website interactive. Visitors can choose to connect with you at different stages of their buyer’s journey and start a relationship with your company, most of the time via email.

Where should Calls to Action be on a Website?

Most visitors don't read all you publish. They just scan the page quickly in search for an answer to their question. That's why calls to actions help visitor move ahead in their buyer's journey.


Display your call to action within the fold. When visitors land on your homepage, give them a chance to act quickly, displaying a button on the top part of the page which is your most profitable part of the screen.

Few readers scroll down in search of more information. They try to figure out quickly what you sell, what's in it for them and why they should trust you in a quick glance. So, it’s a good idea to display at least two calls to action side by side in a conspicuous location.

You calls to action offer a road for those who would like to start doing business with you straight away, and those who would like to learn more about your brand, services and products.

In this case the first button is targeting a customer and the second one a new visitor that can turn into a prospect.

Contact Page

On your contact page, the call to action should be placed below the form asking for an email to be able to answer their inquiry and to start a relationship with that person.

About Us Page

The “About Us” page is a great opportunity to introduce yourself, show how your business differs from the competition and the benefits you offer..

Include your mission and vision and your company values together with a hint of your company's history.

On the "About us" page place a call to action button at the bottom of the page, after you have told visitors your company or personal story that brought you to this point.

Most serious website visitors jump to the "about us" page soon, as they want to learn who you are and what you offer.

Your Blog

Your blog is the place where you can display your expertise in your chosen field and be in contact with potential customers just by exchanging opinion and sharing different ways of doing some activities.

Your regular content update position you as an expert in the field and builds up trust and authority, two important things potential customers should realize before making up their mind to buy from you.

Those who love your content will share it on social media platforms and you'll be able to expand your audience.A blog provides the opportunity to educate your prospects, share tips and how-to tutorial, connecting everything with your brand.

On you article list page, you can display a button at the end of each article preview, and add a call to action, such as: go on reading, and again at the end of the full article, offering a product or service connected to the article topic.

Product or Service Page

A product page displays several products together with facts, features, colors, stock quantities, shipping details,special offers, comparisons and prices.

These specifications are followed by calls to action that invite you to:

  • learn more
  • view more details
  • to put your chosen product in your wish list.

Once visitors move to the new stage, prompts to actions will tell prospects to buy now, order now or add to cart.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a type of webpage that brings customers from a link published somewhere else, such as an email, or social media post.The landing page displays details about a new product, services, exclusive offers together with the opportunity to act on the spot and not only solve a problem but get extra benefits as well.

On your landing page where you offer an irresistible business proposal, you definitely need to display a button several times along the page, as different visitors will act in different ways. Some will be happy to get little information and male up their minds, while others will require more details and would like to read longer.

So, different people are ready to click after reading different quantities of copy. According to Mor Mester Personalized CTAs perform 202% better.

404 Page

A 404 page is a a type of web page that tells your site visitors the requested page is not on that server or doesn't exist. This is a frustrating experience for your visitor so you can help them go out of a dead end.

You can take advantage of this situation and add some information that would recover your customer journey on your website.

You can show reviews that show how others have transformed their lives with your products, display your trendy products, display a way to contact you or add call to action button to redirect visitors back to homepage where they can start a new search for information or product.


To write compelling call to actions you should apply some copywriting techniques.

Use strong verbs that express a specific action together with some kind of urgency, such as buy, subscribe, download.

Best calls to action to sell:

  • Buy Now Order before midnight
  • Grab it today
  • Treat yourself right now.

Choose words that trigger emotion:

  • Free only today
  • Get the pill most doctors prescribe
  • Save money with this coupon
  • Grab the secrets of eternal youth
  • Be the first to learn millionaires' best kept secrets.

Give them a reason to act:

  • Call today for a free assessment
  • Schedule a free consultation
  • Start your next trip here
  • Meet your soulmate now.


When visitors land on your website you have only three seconds to catch their attention and prompt them to move to the next step.

A well designed and organized website with easy navigation and profitable calls to action create an unforgettable experience for the visitor and helps you be in the driver's seat, and not depend only on the visitor inner motivation to convert them.

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