SEO for Instagram

To thrive on Instagram, create great content and optimize it to rank higher, improve your visibility and following.

by Monica Di Santi

July 24, 2023

What is SEO for Instagram?

SEO ( search engine optimization) for Instagram is an optimization technique you can apply to your account and content to make them rank higher on the platform, be more searchable and reach a wider audience.

When people use the Instagram search box to enter words or phrases related to a topic, they expect the system to display a list of content such as hashtags, accounts, audios and places, related to what they have written. You should be sure your account or content appear near the top of that list.

Instagram SEO Techniques

Optimize your Instagram Profile


Start choosing your username, brand and bio link url. The three of them should include a keyword that determines what your account is about, such as "A school" or "New York magazine" . In these cases, school and magazine are categories or keywords.

Lets suppose your brand name is "Champions" and your immediate definition is adventure sports. This helps you define who you're targeting.

Your user-name could be "@Championsports" or "@Championsadventure" or "@CHadventuresports." Your user name should be a little bit different from your business name.

If the specific keyword is not part of your name, add a category in the description field.

Your Instagram bio is a crucial ingredient of SEO for Instagram. Significant keywords and search phrases should turn up there. Display a compelling summary of who you are, targeting not only your readers but crawlers as well.

You have only 150 characters to write your bio so you have to choose wisely. Display your business contact details and add location if your business depends on customers visiting your mortar store.

Finish with a call to action, specially one that invite potential customers to download some free information your audience loves, and so, start a relationship with them.

Use some emojis or text symbols to add some disruption to your text.

Make you Profile Public

To make your profile public is important so your account can reach more people and it's easily found on the social media platform. If you don't know, follow these steps and be sure your profile is public:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap settings and privacy
  • Check who can see your content.
  • Choose public profile
  • Confirm your choice.

Account Appearance


Choose colors and fonts that represent your brand or your personal style. Add a professional picture of you or something that represents your brand such as a logo because it's important your audience can quickly identify your brand in the crowd.

If potential customers click through your link and visit your website they have to feel a smooth continuity in style. Otherwise, they may wonder whether they are in the right place. This hesitation may make your visitor run away.

Instagram's Algorithm


Source: hblcmarketing

Instagram 's algorithm gathers information of every single piece of information posted, analyzes it and reach a conclusion about the message in that piece of content. Next the algorithm determines who may be interested.

The automatic algorithm shows the piece to a small group of people first, and if it's liked and shared, it shows the post to more people. If that doesn’t happen, only a small group of people will see that post.

The application of SEO for Instagram helps bot determine the path the post should go.That means you influence the system to determine who should see the content.



Hashtags on Instagram are essential part of your published content.

You can include up to 30 hashtags. They can be placed in captions of posts or reels and in the text of your story.

Use hashtags related to your topic because even if you want to increase the number of followers you have, you want to reach people interested in your topic that right now don't follow you.

Imagine your main hashtag is "#triptoeurope," you can add "#trip" and "#europe" but you can also add "#London," "#paris," #europeanvacation" and so on.

Hashtags categorize your post and that way you grow your Instagram audience and reach.

The explore page is a directory where you can look up for hashtags, locations, accounts and now keywords. As part of the Explore page, Instagram search is the directory to every Instagram account on the app.

Instagram SEO helps your posts to turn up in front of people who don’t follow you as suggested or sponsored posts, based on the type of account those users follow or like.

The user's activity and searching will determine what Instagram shows them. If there are many posts with the same hashtags and keywords, Instagram favors those with more likes and shares to show.

The best practice is to correctly identify the content


How to Choose your Keywords

Think of keywords as categories. Consider what words represent your niche and your unique selling proposition. Use them in your bio and content description.

Writing valuable keyword-rich description to your content helps people discover you. Your title and description should include your more competitive keywords.

If you're hoping to rank for a specific keyword, it's a good idea to incorporate that keyword into your name or username — since both are searchable on Instagram.

Add some relevant keywords to all your posts.This helps the system to categorize the posts and suggest them to people that don't follow you.

The alternative text is an attribute that lets you write specific alternative text for you photo description improves your SEO.

Be consistent with the type of post you publish in relation to your profile and niche you're targeting. This informs IG algorithm what topic ia your account about and who is your target audience. That way you will easily turn up in the explore page. Also, use keywords and hashtags in pictures captions.

With clear brand messaging and SEO techniques, combined with a consistent SEO message about your brand,you'll not only boost your reach and discoverability, reaping the rewards of a well-done job on this socila media platform.


Instagram let you have only one link in your bio. To take advantage of this opportunity, add a link to your website so people can visit your chosen webpages. Or better, ad an Instagram link tree.

A link tree is a webpage that includes several links from your website, such as your store, your blog, or whatever you're promoting right now. It works like a navigation bar, helping visitor to find the information they want.

Create High-Quality Content

Create helpful content using SEO copywriting techniques such as blog post, podcasts or videos that are important to your customers.Guide readers step by step to solve a problem they have. This type of content not only help them but let you be seen as the expert in the field, building your authority and trust.

Write as an expert about a topic and provide information competitor are not publishing. Provide accurate and up-to-date information based on research and interviews.

Express your ideas clearly and in simple language, breaking down complex information into digestible chunks.

As you know Instagram is basically a visual platform so the pictures and videos you share should have be high-quality to attract and retain your audience, and beat your competition.

Encourage Users Engagement

The first step to engage people is to tap into their emotions and desires, triggering a response. Start your content entertaining them, making them feel valued, recognized.

Above all be empathic.

Once they connect with you you can add information that goes deeper.

Create interactive content.

  • Poll on a story. Suppose you sell vacation trips. Create a poll, asking them if they prefer to go on vacation nearby or abroad.

  • Answer questions. Let readers ask questions about what you sell

  • Test your audience about your new products, company or any trending topic.

  • Trigger action such as like or share your content if they have enjoyed it.

  • Use in-feed posts to display evergreen information or pictures.

  • Use threads. A comment can be liked but it can also be answered. Then you can share that answer or quote it to add your additional comment

  • Host a challenge. With the sticker add yours you can If you say you're next trip will be to London, ask them to add theirs using the sticker "ad yours".

Create a community, sponsor events,focus on customer experience and you'll thrive on Instagram.

Collaborates with Influencers

An influencer is a person who guides and persuades followers to buy certain products the influencer has endorsed based on their own experience.

This type of user have tons of social media followers, creating a sense of community. These influencers create content that triggers important engagement. So, if they advocate your product to their audience, you can :

  • boost your engagement

  • increase credibility as an expert

  • improve your conversion

  • reach a new and larger audience

Generally influencers work writing reviews for your product and sharing sponsored posts with their community. You can pay them in cash or with free products.

Bonus Tips

  • Invite your followers to share your posts and videos they love with their audience.This way you'll reach a larger audience and get extra likes.

  • Publish Instagram carousels, a post with several photos that people can see, swiping left on the post. The algorithm will show your post several times on the feed showing a different picture of the group each time.

  • Create a feed post and add a music to it. Instagram’s music library offers you tons of popular songs. You'll get more views because it carries the song name hashtag.

  • Ask your satisfied customers to create an Instagram post telling their audience how happy they are with your product and tag you. This way you can share that post with all your audience.

  • Share somebody's successful posts and add a sticker for people to express their emotions.

  • Re-post some of your old posts, specially those that have been very successful.


With all these SEO techniques for Instagram and your creativity, I'm sure you'll thrive on Instagram and increase your ROI much quickly.

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