Tested Sentences That Sell

by Elmer Wheeler

Review by Monica Di Santi

May 20, 2022

Author Wheeler is the creator of the five Wheeler points and his own principles for advertisement. He coined the so well-known phrases: "Sell the sizzle, not the steak." , “What will it do for me?”.

He also introduced the idea that a sales person has to see the product through the EYES OF THE CUSTOMER; words must move the listener emotionally;speak about the benefits and provide proof,speak the language of the masses to gain a person over and, many other concepts that are used extensively in copywriting today.

Tested Sentences That Sell-Elmer Wheeler

His principles have proved to be powerful over time because they are based on Human Psychology and together with a careful choice of words, he tested and compiled the best words and sentences that work in sales. His method was based on creating short sales messages and testing them to determine what works best.

The Five Wheeler Points

  1. Don't sell the steak--sell the sizzle
  2. Don't write--telegraph
  3. Say it with flowers
  4. Don't ask if---ask which
  5. Watch your bark---page 11

Parade your selling “sizzles” in telegraphic language with “flowers” so that no sales sequence is longer than three minutes at a stretch! p 50


That is why the American public “bought” from him( Roosevelt) in the last election. The rule is a simple one: Talk in a language the other person can understand without having to wrinkle his brow.

He also developed techniques to become aware of every step in the sales process and what to say in each situation.

The Story Behind his Approach and Success

As the solicitor of an important newspaper in Los Angeles, he invited businessmen to advertise in his newspaper and increase the number of sales. Businessmen complained that people didn't buy much.

At this point Mr. Wheeler took interest in the selling process and watch people selling and the language they used. He created a word laboratory to measure the effectiveness of words and their sales techniques. He tabulated words and phrases scientifically.

That way he went a long way testing and improving the language used in selling and sky rocking sales in a short time. That's why this book is packed with proven selling language you can use every day and earn more money.

So if you're not sure how to handle different moments while selling, you can always take advantage of his extensive study of language and use it. You won't regret it.

This is a powerful book for any sales person or copywriter who wants to improve their selling techniques.

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