Start with Why

by Simon Sinek

Review by Monica Di Santi

June 23, 2022

Start with why by Simon Sinek explains how the passion that drives founders at the beginning makes any entrepreneurship successful but many a times this drive starts to fade away and is almost overlooked by the time they have reached the first level of success.

Author Sinek connects distant concepts such as limbic brain, culture, business processes and sales as components of a deep interrelationship that assures the building of trust, loyalty and long-term success.

Biological reasons are part of people's decision making. A good leader or salesman should know how to use symbols that stand up for inner believes to communicate with their prospects. People want to consume things that are in accordance with what they think and believe, tied to the idea of belonging to something bigger than themselves.

The power of WHY is not opinion, it's biology. p 61

The difference between leadership and manipulation explains the different degrees of success in organizations.

Fear, real or perceived, is arguably the most powerful manipulation of the lot. p 22

With simple concepts like why, how and what, Sinek develops his easy-to follow-point of view. A detailed analysis about Apple and Disney's performance provides extra ways of understanding how the invisible power has worked wonderfully in these companies. He also points out why other companies have failed in spite of their high quality products.

Walt Disney was a WHY- type, a dreamer whose dream came true thanks to the help of his more sensible older brother Roy, a HOW-type. p 155

I highly recommend this book to everybody who wants to succeed as a leader in any arena as here you will find the concepts that will guarantee long-lasting success with the loyalty of your followers.

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