Corporate Superpower

by Oleg Konovalov

Review by Monica Di Santi

July 2, 2019

In a time when every organization struggles to adapt to the fast-paced technological changes and processes, author Oleg Konovalov invites you to dive deep into the heart of your company and consider the psychological aspects that strengthen or weaken your organization and understand why poor performance and apathy is present.

The metaphysical business feature is generally overlooked when developing strategies and start-ups. The result is a negative culture or "dark kingdom" as Oleg Konovalov call them, based on rigid rules and bosses’ ambitions which blocks genuine growth and success.

In his book CORPORATE SUPERPOWER: Cultivating A Winning Culture For Your Business, author Konovalov carries out a deep analysis of organizational culture, its components and how each item affects the performance of your firm. He discusses individual and collective symbols, values, belief and how they shape different environments.

Culture, the soul of the organization, is a powerful tool that not only makes your company stronger but also creates a homogeneous atmosphere where everybody wins. "People are the main ingredient of all processes, and without good people and their qualities and effort, even the best thought-through processes will not be effective."

Culture is a superior energy that gives your organization a cohesive purpose, makes employees proud of being part of the organization and happy do their best. Instilling a shared vision is a goal prior to profit and critical for the success of any organization.

Companies should be people centered to echo human values and desires. It becomes the collective property of all members of the organization. Leaders must therefore take care of the culture.

Definitely, business should move forward to a value approach to fulfill all their potentials.

If you are an entrepreneur, owner, manager or business student I highly recommend this book. Keep it close to you as a reference book and it will help you surmount the many difficulties you will find in your path to success.

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