Buyology: Truths and Lies about Why we Buy and the New Science of Desire

by Martin Lindstrom

Review by Monica Di Santi

April 25, 2019

Buylogy: Truths and lies about why we buy by Martin Lindstrom explains how neuro-science provides reliable information about our mind activity during the process of purchasing. He emphasizes the importance of determining the conscious and subconscious influence during that activity.

For author Lindstrom traditional marketing research is not enough. Surveys and statistics are not reliable because people don’t know the real reasons why they have chosen a product. And what it’s worse marketeers believe people always tell the truth. Marketing has to look closer to psychology rather than math.

As a brand adviser Martin decided to go deeper. He applied science to marketing, creating neuromarketing, a discipline that combines medical knowledge with technology. He has studied people’s brain reactions when stimulated with logos, brands, and products.

The brain screening tells you what kind of emotions are taking place the moment people are in front of of a product. That way many brands have managed to boost their sales and presence in the buyers’ mind.

The book provides insights about how neuro mirrors, somatic markers, color, emotions, sex, supermodels affects people’s behavior. How brands seduce people with their value and way of presenting themselves to the world. All this can be found in the brain, in the nanosecond period before thinking is turned into a message.

Another interesting point is that author Lindstrom shows how people become dependent on instant gratification, how the body reacts and how they become addicted to it, needing higher doses of satisfaction every time. Dopamine, a chemical released by neurons plays an important role in the reward-motivated behavior.

The brain mechanism to make decisions is complex but it also uses shortcuts, combining a great arrange of information present in our mind. Automatic processes prevail in our mind and most of its activity is emotional. Despite the quick brain decisions, unconscious conversation takes place the moment before we choose a product.

Author Lidstrom’s conversational style, combined with research reports, anecdotes and examples create an easy to read book that’s packed with invaluable information for marketers. The prologue ads an insight into his personal life , including the fact the author started working in Marketing at the age of 12.

I highly recommend this book because it provides practical information back up with research and many years of dedication to the research of neuromarketing.

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