Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Habits

by Nir Eyal

Review by Monica Di Santi

March 13, 2019

Book Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products presents a detailed description of the hooked model. Today span attention is shorter than ever, competition for users' consideration fierce and to keep them coming back to you over and over again quite difficult.

For that reason, the hooked model has developed a way to get users engaged and ready to come back willingly to that platform or activity frequently.

Author Nir Eyal describes how using a combination of human psychological elements such as emotions, desires and fears together with new technology it would be easy to attract and keep users happy with your product or service.

The ingredients of this models are: triggers,action, variable reward and investment. The book explains in details the importance of each elements within the model and how they work altogether to create a new habit in the person's life.

This theory stands behind the creation of social platforms and smartphones among others.

In fact, external triggers have been used for a long time. We have been bombarded with advertisements, prompts, letters, website links and others which are information carriers. But at a higher stage of this theory external triggers get a very important role at the beginning of the process because it reminds the user what to do next.

After repetitive action with little or no effort at all, a new habit starts building up. Finally the activity becomes a dependable action in the users mind, generating an internal trigger. Now the user feels the itch to use over and over again this product and finds some peace.

When the required action is not requested to be done everyday it still can become a habit if perceived as highly valuable and it helps release pain or provide pleasure.

One of the most important steps in this theory is investment. It shows people that their effort to enhance the experience will certainly bring him more satisfaction.

All things considered, this great guide will help you create habit-forming products and services that can really engage people.They'll fall in love with your product or service will use it so frequently that it will become part of his daily behaviors.

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