Renew and Repurpose Content for SEO and Audience

Content repurposing helps you do more in less time, reaching new audiences and improving your search organic results (SEO)

by Monica Di Santi

December 19, 2023

Content repurposing is the recycling of existing pieces of writing. You refresh your content marketing with new goals and new formats to grow your business easily.

The new creations extend not only the life span of content but multiply the value they offer. In addition, refreshed content enhance your search engine results because your new content makes your business more relevant and easier to find, maximizing your content ROI, while saving money and time.

All the value you have offered through articles. blog posts, comments, emails, social media interaction can be combined and adapted to create new videos, guides, e books, infographics, and more.

Be creative, refurbish your content and adapt it to every channel available so your brand awareness and engagement grow exponentially across the internet.

With this strategy you satisfy different people’s preferences. Some content consumers love visuals, others statistics and others story telling. Reach all of them adapting your original content.

Grab the benefits of content reuse and create more excitement, hustle and value for your brand at a lower cost.

Benefits of Content Repurposing

Repurposing content is important for your brand because it helps you

1.Achieve your marketing content goals in less time.

The most common content marketing are:

  • brand awareness
  • lead generation
  • web traffic

With repurpose strategy you multiply the opportunities to reach different type of people with different approaches that’ll bring more ROI to your brand.

2.. Search Engine Optimization. You create content with a set of core keywords you want to rank for. Repurposing gives you the opportunity to present the same topic and subtopics with your secondary and tertiary set of keywords and rank higher for presenting different angles of the same topic. And different formats.

Maybe you can rank higher for the same topic in video or other format results.

This way your have more material ranking higher and so increase the opportunity people will come your content substantially.

How do you effectively repurpose content?

Depending on what you want to achieve, you can do several things with your content. The best advantage is not to start from scratch. You already have the content and you also know how much success it has had. It's important to repurpose those pieces that have been more successful.

If you want to repurpose a video, you can use the audio to create a podcast, embed the video in an article,use the transcription as a blog post or email or turn it into a story, edit the video and use only small part as a social media post.

If you want to repurpose an article for social media, you can create a carousel, infographics or twitter thread. An e book or guide can be created as a result of compiling a group of articles that have already been published. Add an introduction, and conclusion and order the articles starting with the simple ones and then proceeding to the complex one.

A webinar can be uploaded to Youtube, can use the transcript to create an e book,tutorial and infographics.



As you see, you only have to be creative.Determine new goals for your content, adapt the message according to your audience preferences, choose a format. Your refreshed content will become more relevant and popular, while reaching a broader audience..

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