Instructions Every Succesful ChatGTP Prompt should Include

by Monica Di Santi

March 18, 2024

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the talent to learn and use knowledge and skills some machines and software have.

These days artificial intelligence is widely used in different areas of:

  • government
  • industries
  • universities
  • search engines
  • content suggestions according to your profile
  • human voice web search
  • driverless cars
  • content generating tools such as chatGTP.

    Alan Turing was the first person to be interested in this field of study in 1950, creating a computer intelligent test. The idea suffered some ups and downs during the following years until 2012 when scientists became really interested in artificial intelligence. This has brought us to the kind of AI we know today, mainly as chatgtp.

What is ChatGTP?

Chat GTP is a conversational Artificial intelligence, where natural language processing(NLP) and machine learning(ML), creates and enhances the flow of natural conversation. This tool doesn’t depend on a pre-determined conversation script .

Many called ChatGTP a chat bot ( a software program to create the illusion of natural conversation with human beings over the internet) but in fact is a superior tool.

ChatGTP gives users quick answers on a wide variety of topics. This tool uses intricate algorithms to answer users questions in a very short time, based on information acquired during its training. During its instruction period, the tool acquires a large quantity of information from the internet.

Many called ChatGTP a chat bot ( a software program to create the illusion of natural conversation with human beings over the internet) but in fact is a superior tool.

Context window in Chatgtp is the current memory the chat works with. In this type of language models, context refers to the amount of text the chat can handle before presenting the answer required.

The standard Chatgtp 3.5 prompt length is 4,096 tokens. So the free version of ChatGTP can receive 4,000 words as a prompt.

How Accurate is ChatGTP?

ChatGTP is a wonderful tool to generate quick answers but it’s good to exercise some caution.

According to Botpress, the accuracy of ChatGTP answers depends on the intricacy of the topic and question.

Answers are based on text patterns and the information kept in its memory. ChatGTP does not have real-time information besides the info the tool got during the training.

As a user, you should be aware of different levels of accuracy in the answers, taking into account how difficult or easy the question is, the input the software has on the topic and the answer’s process.

When the answer is confusing, it means ChatGTP doesn’t have much information on that topic and needs training.

ChatGTP can lose track of the information fed or simply gives user made-up answers. According to experts,it’s a good idea to ask the bot to provide evidence for its answers or just show your answers are true.

So. whenever you demand ChatGTP to answer a question bear in mind that.

  • easy questions will get closely correct answers
  • complex questions may get unreliable answers
  • biases may be present in some answers

ChatGTP is a tool as is and so it has limitations and a path ahead of improvement.

What are ChatGTP Prompts?

A prompt is a communication interaction to encourage a reaction. When you prompt someone, it works as as a reminder or help to go on. You prompt a speaker to answer, explain or say something about a topic.

Prompts determine the type of response you get.

We generally think of a prompt as a short and quick chunk of language at the end of a statement such as:

“This new technology is wonderful, isn’t it?” Being “isn’t it?” the prompt.


After speaking to somebody, and not getting a response you may say, “Did you hear me?”

How to think Prompts in a Different Way

The prompt you create for the chat to give you an answer, is more like the outline of a story or article plus the information you’ve researched and a detailed list of the output’ s rules, format and style.

Besides, you have to be crystal clear what type of output you want, detailing its particular features.Then you assign the task to Chat GTP, a collaborator in your writing team.

Research conducted by AI Pencil have shown that chatGTP text, assessed and edited by humans is 26% more effective.

When you get the answer, you read, and analyzed each point. You can comment on what you don’t understand, ask reasons for using certain information and you can even ask the chat to show you the evidence of its answer.

So, working with ChatGTP is a bit of collaborating with each other,to finally build a desired piece of content.

How to Write Effective Prompts for ChatGTP?

When you are talking to the chat, you are in command of the conversation. Your prompts rule the chat’s behavior. This, together with its creativity will finally deliver the required text.

The ChatGTP’s results depend on the quality of your prompts. That’s why, the better information you offer, the better the answer you get.

The chat can deliver output in different formats such as report, essay, dialogue, article etc.

Instruction to Create ChatGTP Profitable Prompts

The software needs clear, detailed instructions to provide an effective answer.

These pair of examples show you the difference.

General Instruction

Write me an article about copywriting

Specific Instruction

Write a 10 paragraph, second person, conversational article, targeting an audience of copywriting beginners, about how to create killer headlines. Include some funny jokes. Finish with a call to action to enroll for a next week webinar about headlines.

But, even this previous detailed instruction can be improved easily.

Effective ChapGTP Instructions have to include the following 8 instructions


Instruct the machine to assume a role, such as experienced copywriter, teacher or marketer. Remind the chat what it knows in that field of expertise.


Because when you assume a role, you take a new position in a particular field, you have the right background knowledge to do that job and also the flexibility to combine knowledge and learn more about that field.

You also accept the responsibilities that come with that position.You are capable to think and analyze problems according to that specific role, solve problems and create reports about that topic.

If you use the same question preceded by the introduction of different roles, you’ll get different answers.

Tell the chat to assume the role of a digital copywriter who teaches new copywriters how to create compelling and persuasive headlines.


Create an article about copywriting to help new copywriters create better headlines and persuade them to enroll in next week webinar.


New copywriters that want to earn lots of money soon.


Produce this article divided in ten paragraph, with subheads, bullet list and call to action. Sentences should be short and snappy without sounding choppy.

Writing Style and Tone

Create content in the second person, conversational, include jokes and quotes about copywriters.


Headlines are the most important part of your content.

You only have a few seconds to grab readers’attention

Headlines should stand out.

80 % of people read headlines but don’t go any further.

Headline can increase traffic up to 500%.

Headlines should be simple, 2 to 7 words.


Take into account articles I've written, and considered the ideas of most famous copywriters such as Sugarman and Ovligy,


  • No longer than 2,000 words
  • Don’t use passive voice
  • Avoid using " it"," be" and "adverbs"


Once you get the result, if you’re not happy with the output, improve the prompt and try again till you get the best.

Improve your prompt building on previous ones.


Understanding how to create effective prompts for Chat GTP is a great skill to be successful with the new technology and be ahead of others in your business, professional career or personal growth.

You can split your petition in parts and adjust your next question according to the answer you get.

Once you get your AI writing it's time to analyze and edit the text. You can also add human emotions to round off your new content.

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