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How Much does Profitable SEO Content Cost?

by Monica Di Santi

May 4, 2021

Straight to Fee Comparison?


What is SEO and Why is it Important?

SEO means search engine optimization. When done well, SEO makes your website becomes more prominent, and provides higher placement on search engine results for relevant and well-chosen keywords.

SEO increases organic traffic to your website, giving you the chance to get more sign-ups, leads and sales.

Eventually you will get a better ROI (return on investment). You’ll know how much money you’ve earned from your investment in SEO.

What are the Benefits of SEO?

  • * Search engines may choose your website to answer questions in your industry. Have you seen the section "People also ask" on search engine results? Those answers are snippets taken from high-ranking websites. Next time, your website may be doing the job. Great!

  • Ranking high gives your company authority and trust. A website's credibility is the consequence of having gone through the process of discovery, relevance and authority. Trust is measured by the number of clicks a page receives.

  • Your website has to focus on users’ experience. The way your visitors feel when they are visiting your website is extremely important to create a positive first digital impression. Easy navigation and careful, valuable information and good use of copywriting will help you create an unforgettable experience.

  • Your website is easier to navigate. Content organization around topic clusters,with a pillar article and several supportive articles are the first step to enjoy your website visit.The addition of internal links together with on-page seo optimization make your website navigation easier.

  • Your website appearance in search engine results increases awareness of your brand. The more your website turns up on search engine results, the bigger your presence and influence in the marketplace. This way your brand is present in consumer's mind, and when customers consider products similar to those you offer, they will hopefully take your business into account,as one of the places where they can get it.

  • Get more visitors to your website. Repetitive appearance on search engine results gives you the opportunity to get new qualified leads and sign-ups and grow your business and earn more money.

  • You stay competitive. To compete with your competition and beat them you have to keep updated and knowledgeable about new trends, new search engine implementations and adapt to the new rule. No wonder SEO strategy can be accountable for your success.

  • Other marketing activities profit from SEO. All your effort in creating regular content, e-books, checklists, white papers, study cases, cheat sheets, paid digital ads, social media activities will benefit from SEO strategy as every piece material will become more visible and reach more people.

SEO as a Long-term Marketing Strategy

Long-term, profitable SEO content is one of the best marketing strategies to make your business visible to search engines and readers.

Being able to rank high in search engine results consistently gives you a competitive advantage over your competition, driving more traffic to your website, reaching more leads, and in the end closing more sales.

Profitable SEO content is a convenient versatile marketing tool to advertise your business on different platforms. You promote your website SEO content on social media and email marketing campaigns, so people can enjoy it, like it, share it and finally buy from you.

Why do some People think SEO is a Waste of time?

“People fear what they don't understand and hate what they can't conquer.”---Andrew Smith

To feel quiet, protected and in control of any situation, the human mind tries to predict what is the next event happening.This way mind and body can harmoniously be ready for the occasion. But, if this is not the case, adrenaline does its job and triggers the flight or flight answer.

This is the situation with SEO. Lots of people don't have a clear picture of what it can do for them and their businesses and don't know how to handle it so they conclude it is a waste of time and money. .

Reasons People don't Pay much Attetion to SEO Strategy

  • Quick and tangible results don’t happen. 3 to 9 and even more months may pass before seeing results.

  • Lack of a basic knowledge of what SEO is.

  • Deficiency in the understanding how SEO works.

  • Other deficient areas of your website may take their toll on your high-quality SEO strategy.

  • Shortage of recognized and trustworthy SEO providers.

  • Avoidance of scam.

  • Big range of fees for similar services.

  • SEO providers are not clear when offering their services.

  • Poor sales results due to causes others than SEO such as lack of an efficient sales system.

SEO Campaign Steps

A SEO Campaign is an organized project that includes several SEO strategies and tactics to make your website rank high in search engine results. The course of action follows these steps.


  • Current SEO strategy assessment
  • Keyword analysis and research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customized strategy development


  • Page optimization: title, meta-tags and descriptions
  • Copy optimization
  • Internal and external linking
  • Engine and directory page submission

SEO Review

  • Result analysis
  • State of the art Report
  • Strategy tweaking

Additional SEO

  • Technical SEO revision
  • Off-site SEO assessment

How Much Do Companies Spend on Advertising?

According to research,most companies will increase their spending on digital advertising this year and in the years to come in spite of the pandemic economic effect. Companies in 2019 spent about 335.60 billion and they forecast a steady increase, reaching up to 645.80 billion in 2024.

The IMARC Group report announces that the global ad market gain may reach $875 billion by 2026.

The U.S Small Business Administration recommends small businesses to spend between 7 and 12 % of their gross revenue on marketing and advertising, though each business owner adjusts his/her expenses according to their goals and revenue fluctuation.

Most Popular Online Advertising Fees

Search Engine Results Ads

PPC ( pay per click) is a well-known keyword advertising method that works on a biding system with other advertisers. PPC gives you the chance to turn up on Search Engine Results when people use your keywords while SEO content focuses on pushing your website higher through content and optimization.

PPC targets people who are already looking for some specific information about what they want to buy. On the other hand, about 80% of searchers distrust this top results that are labeled as ads, and instead prefer to go straight to organic results.

The average cost of cost-per-click (CPC) on Google Ads is $1 to $2 for the Google Search Network and less than $1 for the Google Display Network. Most medium-size companies spend $9000 to $10,000 per month.

Alt:Pay Per Click

Social Media Ads

Facebook ads turns up in front of your ideal customer according to customized group you have described.Even if lots of people look for information on social media before buying , most them are on an earlier stage of the buyer's journey than those looking for information on search engines. The cost of advertising on this platform varies from $0.50 to 2.00 per click for most industries.

Alt:Social-media ads

SEO Content

Most of people looking for information on the Internet, trust organic results and 80% tend not to pay attention to ads. Besides, many surfers love to have their ad-blocker on while being online, reducing your chances of placing your ads in front of your target audience. With this being said, SEO content is the best tool to attract prospects in the long run, though it takes some time to see good results.

Good SEO-Content Benefits :

  • One piece of content may drive traffic for a year or year and half at least.
  • Old blog posts can be refreshed and move up in rank again.
  • SEO-articles can be turned into social media post, audios, infographics, graphs,case study and even e-book.
  • SEO content will push up content already published.
  • All content can point to pillar pages, creating powerful topic clusters.

Alt:organic results

According to most companies are willing to pay a monthly retainer for SEO services starting at $750 and going up to $5.000 per month. offer three plans:

  • Bronze plan: $1,375 per month with an initial investment of $5,400
  • Silver Plan: $2475 per month with an initial investment of 7,600
  • Gold plan: $3, 275 per month with an initial investment of 9,200

Alt: seo pricing

Advertising Fee Comparison



A 1,000 word SEO article may cost $100 and and may drive steady traffic to a website for about a year or year and a half.Wow! Really cheap!

Let’s do some math.

If that article brings an average of 80 visitors per day, after 365 days that SEO content has brought you 29.200 visitor. That means each click costs the business owner $0.00228 per visitor.

Surprisingly cheap!


On the other side, if the business owner has used Google ads to drive 80 visitor daily to the website for a year, and he pays $1.50 ( Google's average fee) per visit. The amount to pay to Google would be $ 43,800 while the article only costs $100.

Let’s suppose that the 1,000-word SEO article costs 10 times less than Google charges advertisers. Then, the cost of the SEO article should be $4,380.

But the article can cost 5 times less than Google charges bidders.In that case, the SEO 1,000-word article article would cost $ 8,760.

What a huge difference in payment!

You may object that your SEO content result may be uncertain.

And, you’re right.

But, in this case you should treat SEO Content as an investment which will bring you profit in the long run.

And, bear in mind that no investment guarantees you profit unless it's a well-researched investment.


In order to choose the right SEO service provider do your homework.

Do a bit of research.

  • Understand the basics of SEO content strategy.

  • Research agencies or professionals before investing.

  • Have a healthy understanding of your options.

  • Get an informative meeting with your potential SEO content provider.

After all, high-value, profitable SEO content is a smart financial move if you know what to expect from the service you hire..

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